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Successful Arran bonspiel wraps up, overcomes warm weather

While there were fears that it would be too warm for the Arran rink's natural ice, the community's bonspiel proceeded as planned, bringing together 16 teams for a spirited competition.

ARRAN — After a week of worries due to unseasonably warm weather conditions, the Annual Arran Open Bonspiel proceeded as planned, bringing together 16 teams for a spirited competition.

The event organizers expressed gratitude to all participants, volunteers, donors, and spectators whose support ensured the success of the small-town tradition.

Acknowledging the pivotal role of community involvement, organizers emphasized that the bonspiel's continuation relied heavily on the collective effort of all those involved. The funds generated from the event will be directed towards rink upgrades, aiding the local Rec board in sustaining the bonspiel for future iterations.

One of the curlers, Ray Kostiuk said, “The ice, it was very, very keen. Very, very nice curling that. We really enjoyed it. They did a super job. Truly great. They were hard on us old guys!”

Celebrations were in order as the winners were announced: the Glen Maga rink from Whitebeech claimed victory in the first event, while the Ken Newell rink from Norquay secured the top spot in the second event. In the third event, the Wes Lylyk rink from Arran emerged victorious, adding to the local pride.

Expressing appreciation once more, organizers extended their gratitude to everyone who contributed to the success of the bonspiel, expressing hopes for continued participation in the years to come. With the conclusion of this year's event, anticipation builds for the next Arran bonspiel, fostering a sense of community spirit and camaraderie among participants and supporters alike.