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Kamsack Times

Frustrated by the potholes in the province’s highway system?

Recently I had the opportunity to drive Highway No. 22 from Killaly to Lemberg, and a couple of weeks earlier I had covered the stretch from Highway No. 10 to Lemberg.

All things considered... The lady doth protest too much

Not long ago I watched with interest as celebrity Jane Fonda answered media questions – re: her opposition to the oil sands and proposed pipeline project.

Swearing expressions do not translate well

Many years ago I taught Norwegian language evening classes for the Edmonton School Board.

Nominations open for province’s highest honour and outstanding volunteers

Nomination deadlines are fast approaching for both the Saskatchewan Order of Merit and the Volunteer Medal.


Rev. Nancy Brunt of Kamsack, who has been serving as a deacon in the Anglican Church of Canada, was ordained into the priesthood during special services at Holy Trinity Anglican Church in Yorkton on August 9 by Rev.

August land sale brings in $3.0 million in revenue

The August sale of petroleum and natural gas rights raised $3.0 million in revenue for the province, at an average price of $306 per hectare. After four sales in 2015, land sale revenues total $35.7 million.
Official opening of Assiniboine Valley Medical Center being celebrated at a reception in Kamsack

Official opening of Assiniboine Valley Medical Center being celebrated at a reception in Kamsack

It should be a grand time of congratulation and satisfaction on Tuesday when the official opening of the Assiniboine Valley Medical Center is celebrated.

Small firms hire double the percentage of inexperienced workers compared to larger businesses

Canada’s smallest businesses lead the way in employee training, investing nearly $2,000 per employee on average each year according to the Canadian Federation of Independent Business’ (CFIB) latest report.

Consider adding tenant insurance to your back-to-school shopping list

Financial and Consumer Affairs Authority of Saskatchewan (FCAA) is reminding post-secondary students who are renting this fall to consider tenant insurance.

Former Livingston RM reeve returned to office in byelection

A former reeve of the RM of Livingston was elected again during a byelection vote held last week.