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Kamsack Times

Wall grateful to receive support for national contingency and firefighting training

Premier Brad Wall has announced that he is pleased that other premiers have joined Saskatchewan and BC to call on the federal government on measures that will improve preparedness and response to wildfires.

National Research Council and Saskatchewan Research Council partner to focus on national priorities

The National Research Council of Canada (NRC) and the Saskatchewan Research Council (SRC) have announced a partnership to provide the tools and expertise Canadian firms need to translate research and development from the lab to the marketplace.

The Saskatchewan Archives releases second video in First World War series

The Saskatchewan Archives Board recently launched the second in a series of video exhibits commemorating Saskatchewan’s involvement in the First World War.

A note on soil

Soil sometimes receives less emphasis, attention, and recognition than it deserves for its role in crop production.

90,000 acres of conservation land made available to cattle producers for grazing

Environment Minister Herb Cox and Agriculture Minister Lyle Stewart announced that approximately 90,000 acres of Fish and Wildlife Development Fund (FWDF) land will be made available to cattle producers facing dry conditions.

Slow down through the work zone

With more than 30 major construction projects underway in Saskatchewan motorists are reminded to watch for workers and equipment and slow down through the work zone. Virtually every area of the province has some type of road work underway.

Spring to summer

Spring has evolved and become summer. Mother Nature didn’t ask anyone if we were ready, she just made the transformation. I have learned over the years that it is impossible to try and argue with her.
Judge says quality of exhibits was “really good” at 68th annual Kamsack Horticulture Society show

Judge says quality of exhibits was “really good” at 68th annual Kamsack Horticulture Society show

The quality of the exhibits at the Kamsack Horticulture Society’s 68th annual show, held Friday, was really good, according to Joan Svenson of Brandon, Man., the show’s judge.
Newly-elected board favours a new Pelly museum

Newly-elected board favours a new Pelly museum

The general consensus of the newly-elected board of the Fort Pelly-Livingstone Museum is to build a new museum to replace the building that was destroyed by fi re in June.

Kamsack Rexall pharmacy fi ned for misconduct in 2011 and 2012

The Kamsack Rexall pharmacy is one of two Saskatchewan Rexall pharmacies which put patients at risk when employees filled prescriptions in error in 2011 and 2012.