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Local athletes proudly represent their schools

Champion school runners and field students do well at the district track and field meet.

PREECEVILLE — Track and field athletes excelled at their chosen talent and brought home good finish results from the East Central Track and Field Championship held in Yorkton on May 28 and 29.

Preeceville athletes who placed in the top 10 featured, girls category, intermediate, Maggie Bartel, third in 400 m and first in the 80 m hurdles; Amber Spray placed first in the three events, shot put, discus and javelin; junior girl’s, Sarah Masko, second in shot put and discus; senior category, Cassidy Paterson, sixth in shot put and Asia Kilborn fifth in discus and sixth in javelin; bantam category, Savannah Neilson, 11th place in the 200m and 400 m., and Maria Auguluan, 10th in triple jump. In peewee girls, Hailey Spay placed second in shot put ad 8th in the 100 m.

In the boys category, intermediate, Luke Sandager, sixth place in the 100m and 200 m, 11th in long jump and 7th in triple jump; Hudson Maier placed second in the 800m, 1500 m., and in the 3000 and sixth in discus; Carter Halkyard placed fifth in high jump and eighth in triple jump; bantam level, Blake Descalchuk placed fourth in the 200., third in long jump, fourth in shot put and javelin, Jian Iscian placed  seventh in the 400m and eighth in the long jump; peewee level, Gavin Erickson placed seventh  in the 100m., fourth in high jump, and third in long jump, Levi Maier placed fourth in discus, fifth in 800m., and second in the 1500m., Wayne Regado placed fifth in high jump, ninth in long jump and sixth in triple jump, and Ethan Balawyder placed 11th in discus.

Sturgis athletes who placed in the top ten were, Layla Jaeb, intermediate fifth in the 80 m. hurdles, Karley Buchinski, junior, fourth in discus, Jailin Soltys, senior 80 m hurdles and Jordan Blanchard, sixth in 80 m hurdles, sixth 200 m., and eighth in the 400m., Savannah Olson, bantam, placed 11th in both the 200m., and 400m., Rylee Coleman, seventh in 1500 and Avery Masley, eighth in 1500, Ripley Pristie placed first in the 80 m hurdles, Chloe Jansen placed third in the 80m hurdles, Amrie Seerey placed second in shot pt and javelin.

Trae Peterson, boys intermediate, placed third in the 400m. and second in 100 hurdles.

The Preeceville aggregate winners were, intermediate category, Amber Spray, who placed first in the three events of discus, javelin and shot put, Hudson Maier of Preeceville who placed third in the four events of 800m., 1500m., 3000 m and discus, and Sarah Masko placed third in the junior category for discus, javelin and shot put.