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Peewee football shows growth and stability

Youth football program in Preeceville hosts players from across the area.
The Preeceville School peewee football team from left, includes: (back row) Jaxon Neilson, Benjamin Tremblay, Patrick Livingtone (coach), Jaxon Rubletz, Jayce Belous, Alex Neilson, Sawyer Townsend, Liam Bashforth, Michael Bierman (coach), Chase Danielson, Jeremy Mattison, (coach), Xhilix Santos and Liam Townsend; and (front) Kristian Oie, Hutch Nelson, Copper Stack, Tayven Friday, Hendrik Bierman, Ben Halkyard and Owen Draper.

PREECEVILLE - The Peewee football program that started up again in Preeceville on April1 5 had 14 players from Grades 5 and 6 involved. Team members from Preeceville, Sturgis, Norquay and Invermay come together, all with the same goal; to learn, have fun and get active.

Practices are Mondays and Wednesdays on the Preeceville School football field. Since the first practice, coach Michael Bierman is excited and very proud on how the team has made progress and evolved into focused, determined young players who have put a lot of pride and heart into the game.

“It has been numerous years since we have seen a peewee program,” said Bierman. “It is all about getting kids excited about football, learning the fundamentals and at the same time having fun and getting off the couch. It is not all about getting out on the field and hurting your opponent. It is focused on building players, creating a team atmosphere and building that brotherhood that will last a lifetime. It is great to see so much interest in the sport. We have had a great response from players and parents who have really stepped up with the players to support the program.”

The Preeceville team has travelled to Yorkton to attend a football jamboree, playing well against the more established Yorkton team.

“Looking forward, we are excited for the next season of play and building up the team. We will also be establishing a junior team in the fall that will play with the seniors.  I can not say enough thanks to Jeremy Mattison and Patrick Livingstone for all their help because without them I would not be able to provide a peewee team. We are all learning and growing together as we continue to look to the future,” said Bierman.