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Ottawa police respond to viral video of officer Tazering protester

A video shows an Ottawa Police officer Tazering a peaceful protester directly into the back. The protester didn't appear to be resisting and looked restrained.
A video shows an Ottawa Police officer Tazering a peaceful protester directly into the back. It looked like he was already restrained and not resisting.

OTTAWA –  A video of a freedom convoy protester in Ottawa being Tazered directly into his back by Ottawa police, even though he was restrained, has gone viral.

Live streamer and freedom convoy organizer Ron Clark has posted the Oct. 3 video to his Facebook page.

“He wasn’t fighting back,” said Clark. “He was doing nothing and they took the Tazer and shot the Tazer into his back.”

Warning: Video contains disturbing images. 

Clark said when Ottawa Police Service officers saw him video recording the incident with his cell phone they then pointed the Tazer at him and threatened to use it against him.

“I was about 15 feet away and the officer looked at me and said ‘back up’ and pointed the Tazer at me,” said Clark.

Clark said that the man who police Tazered had honked his horn and then was walking across Wellington Street and headed to the Parliament building. That’s when police ran after him, tackled him, and threw him to the ground face first.

Once to the ground, the man was hollering “I can’t breathe,” bystanders who witnessed the incident posted on social media.

“His wife was screaming ‘don’t do that he has had a heart attack twice.’ I didn’t realize it was legal for police to Tazer a restrained compliant citizen who was struggling to breathe.”

Clark urged protesters not to honk on Wellington Street and to obey all bylaws and laws.

“If you’re standing on the street, they can’t do anything to you,” he said.

Clark said that the Ottawa police officers dealing with the protesters have been laughing and trying to antagonize them. He said he asked an Ottawa police officer why they are doing this and the officer replied, “We are tired of this.”

But Clark said Canadian citizens have the right to peacefully protest in Canada.

“That’s the Canadian people protesting against the Canadian government. They are protesting and they want to be heard and the police are sick of it. ‘I’m sorry police officers but we have every right in this country to peacefully assemble to be heard.’”

Independent Ottawa journalist and political commentator who goes by the name of Patriot Smoothie, posted on Facebook that the gentleman who was Tazered by Ottawa police was a senior citizen. 

A spokesperson from Ottawa Police Service told that, “We are aware of a video circulating on social media involving an officer using a taser. We do not have further comments at this time.”

The spokesperson then directed media to their statement on Twitter that read:

“Late this afternoon, @ottawapolice were on scene in the area of Parliament Hill to ensure public safety was maintained during a demonstration. Some protestors were using large speakers and loud hailers in contravention of By-laws. After various interactions with police, three people were arrested for obstruction and later released on conditions. While it is the duty of police to support legal demonstrations, we will not tolerate behaviours that endanger public safety or violations of the Criminal Code, By-laws or Liquor Licence and Control Act.”

In another incident, Ottawa police tried grabbing a woman protester and take her away because she wouldn't give her name. This may be considered "carding" by police. When a man tried to pull her back and help her, Ottawa police forced him to the ground.

On social media, Patriot Smoothie posted photos of the elderly man's injuries and said that he was Tazered twice. His wife has said that he has had two heart attacks in the past. 

The elderly gentleman who was Tazered by Ottawa police. \ Patriot Smoothie Facebook.
The elderly gentleman's injuries  \ Patriot Smoothie Facebook.

Calling for Prime Minister's resignation

Groups of protesters from across Western and Eastern Canada are camped at two locations on private land outside of Ottawa. They stopped in Regina for one night on their way across Canada. 

They are demanding the resignation of Prime Minister Justin Trudeau. They say that the truckers were the victims during the convoy to Ottawa in February 2022.

The group say they have a letter to the RCMP asking them to arrest Prime Minister Trudeau.

"We are now returning to demand that the RCMP arrest Prime Minister Trudeau for treason because of his unlawful violent vaccine mandates, and his unlawful use of force to break up the protest.”

The letter goes on to state that the police and the courts have found their protest to have been peaceful.

"Also, CSIS announced that the convoy protest did not meet the standards of a national security breach required by the Emergencies Act," it added. "These counterfeit emergency regulations infringed upon our basic human rights and our fundamental freedoms. We were beaten for no reason, our trucks were damaged and confiscated without legal cause or authorization, and many of us were criminally prosecuted with unreasonable bail conditions; all because we were exercising our inalienable right to freedom of speech, peaceful assembly, and association. We had an important public message and we protested peacefully in a symbolic location." has reached out to several of the protest organizers asking them if they think calling for the arrest of Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is too extreme. They have not responded to interview requests.

RCMP HQ in Ottawa was asked if they have received the demand letter from the truckers yet and if they plan to “arrest” Trudeau. They have not responded to the questions.

Letter from convoy organizers to RCMP Headquarters

RCMP Headquarters in Ottawa told that they are aware of the groups headed to Ontario.

“RCMP O Division, in concert with our policing partners, is aware that a group from Alberta and Saskatchewan is travelling eastward in the direction of Ontario,” said Robin Percival, Media Relations, National Communication Services. “Together, we remain attentive to this developing situation.

“The RCMP’s top priority is the safety and security of our communities,” added Percival. reached out to the federal public safety minister but didn’t get a response.

Story updated with comment from Ottawa Police Service 

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