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Rebecca Rock: How to make a dream come true

Everybody has a Story

Rebecca Rock’s dream is coming true in a little shop on 100th Street.

Rock previously worked with the health region and in real estate, but she has a degree in interior design and has done interior design work for many years.

In February, Rock opened Recreated Interiors and Design.

The store is an expression of Rock’s repurposing, recreating and refinishing talents. The store features furniture, desks, chairs and other items, including handmade quilts, a record player, old cameras and a miniature vehicle made out of an old Singer sewing machine.

Items come from all over the place, including from thrift stores and from people she knows.

“I like shopping,” Rock said, adding her husband Wayne has developed a good eye for shopping for items that could be redone.

Rock said her husband wasn’t sure about her plan to open the store at the beginning of the process, “but I have a vision and when you’re not in the zone you don’t understand the vision.”

“And now he gets the vision. He’s a visual person,” Rock said.

The opportunity to open the store came along, Rock said, and she took it.

Originally from Drumheller, Rock moved to the area in 1991 and currently lives on a farm between North Battleford and Cut Knife.

A great deal of thought went into the store’s layout and presentation, Rock said, and it reflects her design background.

When she first opened, people wanted to take their shoes off and “they almost treated [the store] like a house,” Rock said, which she considered a big compliment.

The items Rock sells are often used, but Rock said all the pieces have a story. While looking into her own history, Rock found her grandmother, who made dresses, had a seamstress degree she completed in the 1930s. Rock is continuing the family’s design tradition.

Going through the shop can offer short history lessons as Rock explains the stories of the items. She has a vintage chair that was designed to accommodate women wearing hoop skirts. Such details tend to stick in people’s minds, Rock said.

The store can be challenging to spot from 100th Street, and Rock promises to make a sign for the store.

But the sign has to reflect what she does, Rock said.

Rock recently hosted a trade show at the store and plans are underway for future trade shows.

“My goal is for people to walk in and it be a positive experience,” Rock said.