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Scott Reservoir a hidden treasure

Wilkie News

There is a little hidden secret amongst the grid roads between Wilkie and Scott.

In between the fields and nothingness before you reach Scott is the Scott Reservoir.

The history of this beautiful little fishing hole is unknown to me. Rumour is the Scott Reservoir was manmade to fuel the steam engines for the Canadian National Railway.

The reservoir was a “pit stop.”

When no longer needed, the facility was given to Wilkie Wildlife Federation to maintain  and stock.

Scott Reservoir became known for the stocked rainbow trout and the effectiveness of the aeration system implemented. Trout caught there can range from three to five pounds with a daily limit of five per person.

The view itself will leave visitors astonished that they are at in Saskatchewan.

Seeing the Scott Resovior being taken in by families of all ages and sizes was just the kind of family fishing weekend that one hoped it would be.

The wind was blowing a little more than one would want, but the togetherness and the ultimate beauty of the day was the tradeoff.

Respect the land, the fish and the wildlife there, take what you are allowed and take only what you need. Respect the grounds on which you fish, the land and the lakes will give back to you.