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Spread the gift of love this Christmas

As I get my thoughts together to write down some of my usual ramblings, we are right on the verge of celebrating one of Christianity's most important celebrations. Christmas is only a few days, hours and minutes away.

As I get my thoughts together to write down some of my usual ramblings, we are right on the verge of celebrating one of Christianity's most important celebrations. Christmas is only a few days, hours and minutes away.

This is a time of year where those of us who are "believers" should be concentrating on what the central meaning of this celebration is. This time of year is not about commercial endeavours and material things in the least. It is not about trying to outdo the present that Uncle George or Aunt Sally is giving to little Johnny (sorry to anyone named John for using the old joke references) and definitely not about how many dollars the retail giants have tried to convince us we should be spending, unless we want to look cheap in the eyes of our loved ones.

This is the time when the focus of the season is and should be about the love that was shown to us at an event over 2,000 years ago, about an example of loving without conditions or expectations. It is not a time to give - data shows four out of five gifts are going to sit in the back of a closet, until appropriately old enough to go to good will or the garage sale. This is a time of year to concentrate on trying to love as we were loved in that event so long ago.

A friend of mine recently told a story when his family did not have the proverbial pot to pee in. For a few years in a row his mother wrapped up the same wooden toy truck at Christmas time to put under the tree for him, so he had something to unwrap. Of course she had not just rewrapped it but she had painstakingly refurbished and repainted this toy so that each time it was unwrapped it looked as new as it did the first time that he saw it. Also, since some time had gone by since he had paid attention to the old toy, it was a new experience, since he had basically forgotten about it.

This story shows how much his mother loved him and wanted to make him happy. The essence is she had put much of herself into the refurbishing of the gift and that was the most important thing. The gift was wrapped in her deep love for her son and that set of wrappings far outshines any amount of dollars that some spend just because they feel they have to. These gifts are wrapped in meaningless attire and should have stayed in the store.

Oh I know that to many in the business community my words here are pure heresy and that I should be taken off and drawn and quartered for uttering them. But let's get real, Christmas is not about how commercialized we can make it. It is about how much we were loved by that central character whom the day is named for - Christ.

This is the season for us to show our love for our loved ones, in the same unconditional way we were loved unconditionally. That friend's mother knew this when she so painstakingly put so much of herself into the repainting of that toy truck and gave of herself not of her pocket book.

So, this year I encourage everyone as well as myself to focus on giving of ourselves to those around us and take the time, to give a few moments to someone else and show that we care.

In this vein I want to thank every one of the readers who have phoned or come up to me personally to say a few words of encouragement about my articles. I deeply appreciate your words of thanks and your advice. May Christ's love shine upon you and yours this season and throughout the years to come.

Remember that on New Years Eve there will again be a dance at the community center here in Meota. Tickets are available from Debbie at Meota Insurance. Music is by the Wappel Brothers. Because of regulations regarding liquor sale there are no tickets available at the door.

There is another shuffleboard tournament scheduled for Jan. 15 at the Do Drop In. To register, since these have been well attended, call Yvette at 892-2167 or Nestor at 892-2171.

In kaiser action Dec.9, first place went to Eric Callbeck, second place was tied up by Jean Gansauge, third spot went to Bev McCrimmon and fourth place was taken by Adele Feschuk.

Dec. 13, in contract bridge play, first place was taken by Jette DaSilva and second place was cornered by Joyce Antoine.

Quote:" The gift of giving is often overshadowed by the desires of a material world." Unknown.

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