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Student accomplishments celebrated

The last day of school before winter holidays is often a day of celebration.
Maidstone High School leadership academy students Samantha Lundquist, Sydney Franks, Cassie Seguin and Beth Nerbas listen as principal Brennan Becotte speaks about their projects so far this year.

The last day of school before winter holidays is often a day of celebration.

This year, instead of just showing enthusiasm for two weeks of vacation from Maidstone High School, it was a chance to celebrate everything happening in the school since the doors opened in late August.

Parents and community members were invited to join staff and students for an Honour Assembly. In the past participation in school activities was acknowledged at a lengthy awards assembly held in the heat of June. This year it was decided to spread the recognition throughout the year.

Several sports and programs are already complete and many are ongoing. Coaches had the opportunity to re-cap the seasons and celebrate their teams. Teams and groups stood at the front and the number of students involved in extra-curricular programs was inspiring.

Praises were doled out and athletes were recognized for their value to the sporting programs. Special recognition was given to the senior boys' volleyball team who hosted provincial finals last month. Volleyball is even more popular with the girls and the stories from the coaches of the senior A team to the junior team of 'leftovers' left everyone feeling proud of their female athletes.

Golf, cross-country running and junior drama seasons have all been completed and the coaches and advisors provided congratulations on the growth and achievement and hope for the future. Activities and sports in the midst of their season were mentioned for the accomplishments so far and the goals set for the next few months.

Student leaders were recognized for special projects and involvement in school activities. Several students are involved in the North West School Division's leadership academy, others attended provincial and national conventions.

The Saskatchewan Association of Student Council Advisors presented their annual provincial award for Excellence in School Activities to Maidstone High School.

Throughout the year the Student Leadership Council organizes and encourages student involvement in projects in the school, the community, the province, the nation and the world. A banner was unveiled in recognition of the receipt of the prestigious award.

The servery advisors thanked the young people who give of their time to provide nutritious food to the students and staff and had almost everyone standing when they asked students who have been involved in some way to rise.

The yearbook staff shared some exciting new ideas and drew names randomly for special photographs to add interest to the page numbers.

Members of the school's book club were praised for their articulate discussions and ability to learn about world issues and become leaders of the future.

The SADD group was recognized for its involvement, its great size and promised a new year with even more activities.

The school is a busy place and the slide show prepared for the end of the assembly showed students shining in their sports and activities with smiles on their faces working and growing together.