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Carrot River purchases new ATM for arena & community hall

The new ATM is portable, so can be placed where its busiest
Carrot River Town Hall
The Town of Carrot River is purchasing an ATM for use in the arena.

CARROT RIVER — The Carrot River arena’s concession may only take cash, but now patrons don’t have to travel downtown to get some with the town purchasing a new ATM machine for the site.

Brennan Hall, Carrot River’s administrator, said the continued use of the concession led to the purchase.

“It’s always been a pain in the butt through the years for people,” Hall said, adding that the site has always been cash only.

“They get there then, ‘Oh no, no debit’ so they have to run back downtown to the ATM at the Diamond North Credit Union.”

The machine is costing the town about $3,200. Hall said that town estimates set about 1,000 transitions as what’s required to pay for the machine, at which point the town will begin collecting a profit.

“After that it’s a straight profit maker after that,” Hall said.

“It’s a portable one too, so we can put it between the hall and the rink, wherever the busiest place is it will go. When people book events they can request it [to] go over there.”

This isn’t the only change to the arena, as the town is leasing out the concession for the first time. 

The annual contract is with Brandon Luciano, who previously worked at Luciano’s in Nipawin which ran out of the Kingfisher’s Inn from June 2020 to September 2021.

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