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HDHF campaign enters final stretch

Just $145,000. That's what the Humboldt District Hospital Foundation (HDHF) had left to raise in their $1.8 million Our Legacy, Our Future equipment campaign at the beginning of this week.

Just $145,000.
That's what the Humboldt District Hospital Foundation (HDHF) had left to raise in their $1.8 million Our Legacy, Our Future equipment campaign at the beginning of this week.
That number was released after the first few hours of the CJVR/CK 750 72-hour radiothon held in support of the HDHF, which kicked off HDHF Week in the region.
There are a number of other fund-raisers for the HDHF happening this week, including a concert called "Tribute to the Legends of Country Music," being held at Sutherland Theatre on September 23, which the HDHF itself is putting on.
"Ticket sales have been awesome so far," said Lorrie Bunko, HDHF executive director.
Other events include the Have a Heart Run, a marathon that stretches from Watson to Humboldt, with shorter distances in between, and a pre-race pasta supper.

The goal of the HDHF is that by the end of the Have a Heart Run on September 26, the campaign will be done; that they will have successfully raised all the funds needed for equipment for the brand new Humboldt District Hospital (HDH).

"We're hoping we get to the $1.8 million," said Bunko. "We are very dedicated to get to (that number). Falling short is not an option."

After a soft launch in the spring of 2009, the HDHF officially kicked off the Our Legacy, Our Future campaign with a similar week of fund-raisers not even a year ago. So to say it's been a busy year of fund-raising for the organization and the region is a bit of an understatement.
"To get us to this point, it has been about communities, it's been about families, it's been about volunteers, businesses, organizations - all of us," Bunko said. "Not one single person has taken us to this point. It's been a team."

How does it feel to be this near their goal?
"It's hard to describe," Bunko said. "It's a mix of emotions.... of 'we're just about there' (and) there's some tiredness," she smiled. "There's giddiness, and then there's the whole 'what comes next?' It's a mixture of emotions right now... all good."
There is definitely excitement, she added, when they think about reaching the $1.8 million mark on Sunday, wrapping up 18 months of work for the HDHF.

There were, Bunko admitted, people who said they wouldn't complete this campaign by the time the new hospital opened this fall.
"We are going to do it," Bunko grinned.
Bunko admits she gets a little teary when thinking about reaching the end of this journey.
"We did it... everybody did it," she smiled, adding, "Not making it is not an option. We are going to get there. We're (all) working so hard. Everybody stepped up to the plate."
"Unique" has been a common word when it comes to events planned to support the HDHF equipment campaign in the past year.
"We've always been commended for that (uniqueness)," Bunko said. The events and fund-raisers have definitely not been the same-old, same-old, she added.
The support for the campaign has come from the entire Humboldt district - the area that will be served by the new HDH. Almost every community in the entire region held an event or raised money in some fashion for the HDHF this year.
"It was everybody... from young to old," Bunko said. "From the two little girls who held a fund-raiser selling muffins in Watson to seniors (supporting a variety of events), it was all age groups," she smiled.

What happens when this campaign ends?
Expect another one to begin, Bunko indicated.
"This chapter is going to close, and another one is going to open," she said.
There is still equipment needed for the hospital that was not on the high-priority list for the new hospital, and therefore not funded by this campaign.
"They only budgeted $2.5 million," Bunko said, "so there are needs."
Once this campaign wraps up, the HDHF board will regroup, sit down with the list of equipment that's still needed and their strategic plan, and come up with they'll raise funds for next.
"The need is ongoing," Bunko said. "There has always been a foundation, and there will always continue to be a foundation (because) there will always be a need for equipment."
Not only does the foundation need to have funds available to purchase equipment when something breaks down unexpectedly, they need funds to complete the strategic plan they developed in January of 2010.
This plan will guide the foundation, Bunko said, and will help them switch gears from this campaign to the next.
"We're going into new waters here (after 18 months of) campaign, campaign, campaign," she said.
Both Bunko and Allison Eichorst, the executive director assistant, will continue in their work with the foundation once this campaign is finished.
"We are very excited about moving forward and continuing partnerships we've made with people," Bunko said.
The Have a Heart Run will be a fitting end to this campaign and this week of events, Bunko feels.
"It symbolizes how we are a district, starting from Watson, and joining communities along the way," she noted.
Just a note for those planning to travel on that section of Hwy. 5 next Sunday - speed limits have been dropped to 60 km/h from Humboldt to Watson.
"It will be an orange zone," Bunko said, and the Ministry of Highways will be putting up signs advising drivers of the change.

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