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Humboldt, Muenster students taught lessons in farm safety

"Safety first" was the lesson taught to children at a Farm Safety Day at Muenster School October 6.

"Safety first" was the lesson taught to children at a Farm Safety Day at Muenster School October 6.
The day was put on by Safe Communities Humboldt and area to inform children about farm safety "because we live in a rural community, "said Marriott, Safe Communities program coordinator.
The day was attended by students of Muenster and Humboldt Public Schools.
"We chose to work with Muenster for the second year, as we wanted to include the children from the Humboldt Public School," said Marriott.
Safe Communities partnered together with the Progressive Agriculture Foundation and the Canadian Agriculture Safety Association to bring the safety presentation to the students.
The different sessions students attended throughout the day taught them about mass force, first aid, Emergency Medical Services, animal safety, chemical look-a-likes, amputations, germs and farm machinery.

The day was considered a success by teachers, students and presenters.
"(There are) more safety aware kids," said Marriott.
"The teachers seemed pleased and the presenters also enjoyed the day."
One of the local presenters, Kevin Therres, who was helping Gerald Hergott with the farm machinery presentation, said he enjoyed the day and seeing the "smiles on the kids faces."
He feels farm safety is very important and hopes the children learned from their session.
"Hopefully they respect (farm equipment) enough to stay away," said Therres.
This is the second year Humboldt Safe Communities has put on the program. Last year, the program was put on for St. Dominic and St. Augustine schools at St. Augustine School in Humboldt.

They hope to present the safety day with other communities in the area next year.
"We will present this safety day to all schools in Humboldt and area.... we have not confirmed with schools yet, but possibly Bruno or LeRoy," said Marriott.
Marriott is glad to teach children about farm safety and said over the last two years, Safe Communities has reached over 500 young people with this program.
"If kids (in the community) don't live on a farm, they visit a farm," said Marriott.
"Our goal is just to educate people about the risks."