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Local teams win PotashCorp Fire Fighter's Rodeo

Hundreds of people turned out to watch the PotashCorp's 29th Annual Fire Fighters' Rodeo on September 11 at the Lanigan Recreation Complex.

Hundreds of people turned out to watch the PotashCorp's 29th Annual Fire Fighters' Rodeo on September 11 at the Lanigan Recreation Complex.
It was a victory for two local teams, PotashCorp Lanigan and PotashCorp Allan, who were the joint overall winners of the event, with PotashCorp Rocanville named as the overall runner-up.
The event started 1981 and was held in Rocanville until 1990, when Lanigan took over hosting duties.
The event went really well and everything ran on schedule, said Rob Bubnick, general manager of PotashCorp Lanigan.

Since they have been running the event for 29 years, everyone knows what their job is.
"It runs just like clockwork," said Bubnick.
Nine fire fighting teams from mines around the province, including those at Lanigan and Allan, as well as from community fire departments, including Lanigan and Humboldt, competed in seven events: first aid, search and rescue, extinguishment, practical skills, burst hose, a challenge relay and water soccer.
This year, a team from a New Brunswick mine was competing for the second time.
"It's really nice having them here (because) it really completes the (PotashCorp) family," said Bubnick.
PotashCorp Lanigan started planning for the competition in the spring. They have a spring competition to determine which fire fighters will compete in a provincial mine rescue competition. Whichever team competes in provincials is also sent to the rodeo.
"They practice for two solid weeks before (the rodeo), so they can do their absolute best," said Bubnick.

Bubnick said the competition helps elevate their skills and will help the fire fighters if they are ever called upon in a time of need.
"It elevates the standards and it elevates their skills," said Bubnick.
Not only is the competition good for honing fire fighting and rescue skills, it also helps bring all the communities together.
"It's a great opportunity that we can all come together in competition," said Bubnick.
Several hundred people come out to watch the rodeo, said Bubnick.
"The outside events are a real crowd pleaser," said Bubnick.
"Lots of kids will be showing up at the outside events, where they can see the fire fighters in action."
Bubnick said he can tell all the fire fighters try their best in the competition.
"There's very little that separates the number one team from the bottom team," said Bubnick.
The judges might notice things regular people don't, but everyone can see their, "desire to do well and rescue people," said Bubnick.
Not only do people some out to see local heroes in action, many people come for the food.
"We have people from the town that are drawn in largely because of the food," said Bubnick.
"It's a non-stop feeding frenzy," he laughed.
Lunch was supplied by the Lanigan Curling Club and was available all day in the lobby of the arena.
Bubnick said it takes a lot of people to make the event a success and his thanks go out to all of them.
The results of the rodeo were as follows:
First Aid: 1. PotashCorp Rocanville; 2. PotashCorp Cory; 3. PotashCorp Lanigan.
Search and Rescue: 1. PotashCorp Cory; 2. Town of Rocanville; 3. PotashCorp Rocanville.
Burst Hose: 1. PotashCorp Allan; 2. PotashCorp Lanigan; 3. PotashCorp Rocanville.
Fire Extinguishment: 1. PotashCorp New Brunswick; 2. Town of Lanigan; 3. PotashCorp Lanigan.
Practical Skills: 1. PotashCorp Allan; 2. PotashCorp Cory; 3. Town of Lanigan.
Challenge Relay: 1. Town of Lanigan; 2. PotashCorp Rocanville; 3. PotashCorp Lanigan.
Water Soccer: 1. PotashCorp Patience Lake; 2. PotashCorp Lanigan; 3. Town of Rocanville.