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Record number of active COVID-19 cases in Central East 1

The previous record in the Central East 1 subzone, which contains Humboldt, was 141 active cases. There are 194 active cases today. The record number of hospitalizations in the Central East zone is 17. Today, it's eight.
Covid Chart
Starting on Jan. 15, there's more active cases in Humboldt and the rest of Central East 1 than ever before.

HUMBOLDT — This weekend saw a record number of COVID-19 cases in the subzone containing Humboldt.

The previous record in Central East 1 was 141 active cases, reached on Sept. 24, 2021. On Saturday, Jan. 15, there were 144 active cases, followed by 165 active cases on Sunday and 194 active cases today.

A record was also broken with the number of new cases, with 34 seen on Jan. 13. The previous record, set on Sept. 22, was 26. Today's number of new cases is 31.


As of Jan. 17, there were eight hospitalizations in the entirety of the Central East zone, which also includes Yorkton and Melville. Hospitalization numbers are not available on a subzone basis. Three of those are in the intensive care unit. There have been no deaths in the zone since Dec. 29.

The highest number of hospitalizations, 17 was set on April 7, 2021. The highest number of intensive care unit hospitalizations, eight, was last seen on Oct. 28, 2021.