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Tisdale Elementary undergoing renovations

TISDALE — Tisdale Elementary School students can expect a new look as they return to school in September.
Tisdale Elementary

TISDALE — Tisdale Elementary School students can expect a new look as they return to school in September.

“We’ve had quite a few renovations on the inside of the building and we’re doing renovations on the outside as well,” said Sandra Norum, principal of Tisdale Elementary.

Renovations include lockers in every classroom, repainting and replacement of old cabinets.

“It creates a more welcoming environment and better storage,” Norum said. “Our school’s quite old and so nothing has been done in this area for quite some time. So some things weren’t safe anymore, old paints, that kind of thing.”

While those changes are completed, as of Aug. 22 the school is still working to complete new flooring.

“We’re still kind of on the downspin there to get things done, to start putting things back together.”

Outside renovations include a gazebo, trashcans, tables and benches.

 “This allows the students to go outside and do some learning,” Norum said.

According to Norum, this is important as it gives more opportunities for a kinesthetic approach, in which students learn by carrying out physical activities rather than lectures and demonstrations.

“It sort of caters to different types of learners we got. So we got kinesthetics, learners that prefer to be outside and then offer them in art classes, sciences and social, and all those opportunities to have those outside as well.”

The cement work for the gazebo was completed on Aug. 21, with the rest of the work soon to follow.

“I’ve kind of been working on this, for probably about five years, so it’s exciting that things are coming to a closure there, that things are being put in and what not,” Norum said.

Cement work for the benches and trashcans may not be completed by the start of the new school year.

“We have all those items, they’re in our garage. We’re just waiting for people to come out and help us put that together.”

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