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What's the point?

So, the G-20 and the G-8 summits are over.And what did we learn?The first thing that people will remember are the protesters. They grabbed more headlines and more photo ops than the politicians, or even the fake lake.

Flooding a priority

I am writing in response to a recent article published in the June 23 edition of the Humboldt Journal regarding the provincial government's response to flooded farmland and unseeded acres.

Delay in ambulance attendance will be costly

Dear Editor, I am writing this letter at the request of Manitou Fire/Rescue. It concerns the consequences to our department, and to those people we serve, of the closure of the Neilburg Ambulance Service.

Heart rate monitors boost exercise efficiency

If you have ever been in one of my boot camp classes, you have probably completed the dreaded treadmill test. This means that you have worn a heart rate monitor. If you haven't, you might wonder what is a heart rate monitor and what it does.

Moon begins month on the wane

This month opens with the moon in its waning gibbous state, meaning it is reducing in illuminated size and the lit portion has a "humped" or "bulging outward" shape. The moon is also at apogee, 405,036 kilometres.
Free agent season should have Russians on the move

Free agent season should have Russians on the move

Happy Birthday Canada, Go Riders Go and let the bidding wars begin. July 1, could be one of the most exciting days in Canada for the entire year, for sports enthusiasts like myself in any case.

No need to axe healthy tree

Dear Editor First, I must commend the designers of the Innovation Credit Union branches in North Battleford and Battleford on the foresight of incorporating trees and shrubs into their landscapes.

Company's coming to little ol' Sask.

Holy Dyna, honey! Better clean up the place to make room, looks like we're getting company.

Blockade headache

The June 24 blockade of the highway running between Battleford and North Battleford, had motorists uttering a loud chorus of coarse words. Blockades have that effect on people.

Unenforceable laws waste of paper

North Battleford councillor Trent Houk, Battleford mayor Chris Odishaw and others are on the record this week calling for tighter enforcement of laws put in place to protect people and property.