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Humble beginnings for Flexxifinger started in Assiniboia

The company’s newest product, the Flexxifinger Multi-Crop Valve, was nominated for the ‘SIMA Innovation Award’ in 2022.

ASSINIBOIA - If you haven’t heard of Flexxifinger, which humble beginnings started near Assiniboia,  then it’s worth scouring the company’s website to learn their intriguing history.

In the late 1990s, a farmer just outside of Assiniboia had a lentil crop laying on the ground because of weather damage. The only lifters available at the time were not giving him the results he wanted because very little of his harvest was ending up inside the hopper.

Instead of lifting his crop, those lifters were breaking the plants and pushing his lentils into the ground.

Dave Dietrich began designing a crop lifter and patented the idea and thus the company was born.  The business website states, “The idea driving Flexxifinger’s innovation is pretty simple, recognize a need and fill it.” Dietrich is the Owner/ President of Flexxifinger.

The website outlines the company’s history, affirming, “Still based in Assiniboia, Flexxifinger QD Industries Inc. is the premier manufacturer of harvesting aid attachments. From its humble beginnings in a farmer’s shop, being sold out of a truck, and growing to a network of more than 500 dealers and/or distributors across North America, Australia, Europe and Africa, Flexxifinger has truly become the choice of mechanized-farmers worldwide.

Tobias Scheur, general manager of the Assiniboia, location said Flexxifinger was incorporated in 2005, and now currently employs 10 people. He started with the company in 2014.

Scheur says they promote their products at Ag Shows around the world as well as through social media and various other advertising venues.

Company strength plays a role in community engagement and Scheur adds, “Flexxifinger is committed to sponsoring community projects. The people in and around Assiniboia have provided Flexxifinger with the opportunity to create a strong product that is invented, developed, produced and assembled in the community and used throughout the world. “

One such notable contribution to the community was a $20,000 donation to the Assiniboia Civic Improvement Association, Assiniboia Arena Project.

The company’s newest product, the Flexxifinger Multi-Crop Valve, was nominated for the ‘SIMA Innovation Award’ in 2022 at the SIMA Ag-Show held in Paris, France.