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Whitewood 4-H Regional Show & Sale

The Whitewood 4-H Regional held their annual show and sale on June 29 and 30, continuing with the two-day format since 2018. On the Tuesday, the kids competed in showmanship and judging.

The Whitewood 4-H Regional held their annual show and sale on June 29 and 30, continuing with the two-day format since 2018.

On the Tuesday, the kids competed in showmanship and judging. With COVID restrictions this year, team grooming was cancelled and instead all members got to compete in showmanship – moving showmanship to the first day was well received by both parents and members.

The conformation show took place on Wednesday and the scorching hot weather continued. This year’s show was dedicated to Bill Domoslai from Whitewood. Our judge for the day was Craig Wilgenbusch from Halbrite and he had 38 steers and over 40 females to sort through. Helping out in the ring were Scott McCormack and Brad Rutten. June Mebs was the MC and Karen Hebert recorded all of the results of the show. Reina Murphy and Louis Hebert kept the show running smoothly as the marshallers and Bailey McCormack was the photographer for the day.

The first event on Tuesday was judging. This year's cloverbud judge was Brad Rutten. Bar H Land & Cattle from Langbenburg presented Austynn Brehaut from Wawota with a prize for placing first. The junior judge was Nolan Glover and 3H Angus from Lanigan presented an award to Curtis Hewitt of the Wawota Club for placing first. Clint Oxtoby judged the intermediate and senior members. Sydney McCormack placed first in the intermediate category, receiving a prize from Scissors Creek Cattle Co. of Whitewood. Arianna Osiowy, from the Whitewood Club, was presented with an award from Emmatt Creek Ranch of Whitewood for top honours in the senior age category.

Following judging all of the members competed in showmanship. The judge was Blyth Clemmence of Kennedy and she had the hard task of picking the top three in each age category. Cloverbud showmanship was won by Austynn Brehaut of the Wawota club and she won a prize from VC Hereford Farms of Langenberg. Tanner McCormack of the Whitewood Club won top honors in the junior division. He was presented with the award from GBT Angus of Wawota. In the intermediate division, Darby McCormack of the Whitewood Club was first, winning a prize from Clark Club Calves at Kipling. Jordan Dorrance of the Wawota Club won the senior division receiving the Borderland Co-op trophy.

The first confirmation classes of the day on Thursday were the steer classes. At the end of the steer show the Grand Champion Steer was awarded to Jordan Dorrance from the Wawota Club. She received the trophy from ABC Cattle Co. of Whitewood. The Reserve Champion Steer was won by her brother, Brock Dorrance also from the Wawota Club. He received the award from McCormack Family Ranch at Grenfell. This year’s Homeraised Steer winner was Morgan Debenham of Kennedy and she went home with a prize from Brehaut Bros Land & Cattle. The Reserve Champion homeraised steer was shown by Austynn Brehaut of the Wawota Club.

This year’s group of five steers from one club was won by Wawota, with Kennedy placing second and Whitewood placing third. These clubs won prize money from Lankenn Seeds in Langbank. The best pair of steers from one family class was won by Jordan & Brock Dorrance of the Wawota Club. They were presented with a plaque from Andrew Agencies.

The heifer show took place in the afternoon. Overall Champion Yearling heifer was won by Darby McCormack, showing a Angus heifer, from the Whitewood Club. He won an award from Prairie Bell Speckle Park of Wawota. Sydney McCormack, of the Whitewood Club, won the Reserve Champion Yearling heifer, with her Simmental heifer, receiving a banner from Bridgeway Livestock of Wawota.

The homeraised heifer class was sponsored by Hebert Livestock Ventures and was won by Sydney McCoramck of the Whitewood Club with Arianna Osiowy, also from the Whitewood Club, winning reserve.

There were three cloverbud classes this year; calendar year calves, heifers and steers. The calendar year calf class was won by Jace Beutler of Whitewood. He won a prize from the Jamieson Family in Moosomin. The cloverbud steer class was won by Austynn Brehaut of the Wawota Club and she won a prize from T Bar K Ranch of Wawota. The cloverbud heifer class was won by Kruz Hebert of the Wawota Club and he won a prize donated by Flying 3 Farms at Kipling.

The last confirmation class of the day was the continuation females and there were 13 pairs this year – the biggest group in a long time. It takes a lot of work to bring out a pair in the summer heat so great job to all of the members who did this year. Darby McCormcak of the Whitewood club was awarded Champion Continuation and was presented with a banner from Whitewood Outdoor & Pet Supplies. Reserve Champion Continuation was won by Sydney Dorrance of Wawota, and she won the banner from Pattison Agriculture in Moosomin. At the end of the day Darby McCormack won Champion Female with his Continuation Pair and Whitewood Livestock was the sponsor of that banner. Sydney Dorrance from Wawota won the Reserve Champion Female award, also with her continuation pair, receiving the Langbank Co-op banner.

The last awards given out for the day were for top record book. The books were judged by Arvelle Fisk, Michelle Newton and Leah Stevens of Moosomin. Tessa Brehaut of Wawota won the cloverbud division winning a prize from Conexus Credit Union. The junior division was won by Nate Greenbank of Fairmede and he was awarded a prize from Federated Co-op Feeds in Moosomin. The intermediate division winner was Levi Jamieson of Fairmede. He went home with the plaque from Andrew Agencies.

Cheyenne Jamieson of the Fairmede club took home the award for top senior winning the prize from the Whitewood Vet Clinic.

This year's sale set a record with 38 steers averaging $2.92/lb. The steers were auctioned by Rhett Parks of Whitewood. Thank you to Rhett for donating his time for this auction, as well as allowing our 4-H group to take over his facility for our event. The high selling steer this year sold for $3.90/lb, and was owned by Jackson Mannle of the Whitewood Club.

To end the day the 4-H members and steer buyers were given supper vouchers that were sponsored by 3M Beef Supplies from Moosomin and Fine Line Designs of Whitewood.

Congratulations to all of the members on a great day and thanks to everyone who made this day possible. 4-H is a great program that teaches leadership, dedication and hard work to its members and leaves them with the tools to become great community leaders. Without the dedication of the leaders and volunteers, and without the support of the steer buyers and sponsors, this show would not be possible, and these young members would not have the chance to complete their projects and showcase all of their hard work.

Article by Jennalee Beutler - Secretary/Treasurer