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Snack favourites straight from southern Saskatchewan farm

On a mission to give Canadians what they want, a southern Saskatchewan farm is producing organic, vegan, and local product that is unveiling tasty snack secrets

WILLOW BUNCH — The story of Dean and Darlene Dosch is a story that involves coming home. Their choice to farm organically comes from their belief in the importance of not using chemicals for not only themselves and their consumers but for the environment. Southern Saskatchewan, namely Willow Bunch, is home to the family farm operation.

As the demand by consumers for organically produced products along with healthier eating options has helped the Dosch Family continue in their goal of a sustainable and viable organic farm.

The Willow Bunch farm family started out with flax but have since evolved into a snack product, known as Wheat Crunch.

For the Dosch family, it started as a way to raise a family in a chemical-free life in a rural, small-town setting while keeping their business local, rural and in their own words, ‘connecting with dirt’.

Their website,, states, “As a farmer, one must be able to take every challenge they are faced with and find a solution. Every year is a gamble. Gamble with the weather, with markets, and buyers. For us we wanted to give Canadians what they and most of us are wanting; a local product, grown here in Canada on our very own farm. “

This family-owned farm in Saskatchewan has been in operation since 1960, and as with any farming operation has diversified and evolved to stay relevant and viable.

“On our farm, we make sure to preserve land to its natural state as much as possible with preserving the wetlands and trees so animals and birds have a home. Placing bee houses to help save the bees that protect our planet. Making sure that our water ways are seeded to grass so water doesn’t erode the soil. Planting flowers in rock piles. Helping Mother Nature and doing our part for tomorrow’s generations is part of what we feel we need to do today,” says the Dosch family.

One of their products is organic flax, which is packed fresh from the farm, never mixed with other flax varieties, giving it a great flavour. Benefits of their flax include non-GM, gluten-free, organic flax product that serves as a source of fibre and contains omega-3 polyunsaturated fatty acids. These benefits support overall health and can be served in smoothies, cereals, breads, muffins, cookies, salads and yogurt.

Their newest product, Wheat Crunch, is vegan and nut-free. Offering a variety of flavours and serves as a high-quality nutritional snack.

The family’s business website says their product is sold at a variety of locations and they also offer a fundraising option with their snack products. The family also attends a number of trade shows to promote their product.

To learn more about this family farm operation and their unique, organic products you can follow them on their business website and Dosch Organic Acres can also be found on Facebook.