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Creighton Lodge has emerged from COVID outbreak

The last of the residents who tested positive for COVID-19 at Creighton Lodge is now listed as recovered, and now the lodge is counting down the days until its common areas can reopen.
Creighton Lodge
Creighton Lodge has now been owned by a group of local rural municipalities for 10 years – a partnership that has been very beneficial for the lodge’s residents.

The last of the residents who tested positive for COVID-19 at Creighton Lodge is now listed as recovered, and now the lodge is counting down the days until its common areas can reopen. 

Lodge manager Shelly Veroba said the lodge has not had any new COVID-19 cases since May 5. A total of 10 lodge residents were diagnosed with the virus, and three required hospitalization. The final person to be hospitalized received in-patient care and was only hopsitalized overnight.  

The 10th and final person diagnosed with COVID started showing symptoms on May 1, and the case was confirmed on May 5. The individual had mild symptoms. 

Creighton Lodge had its final round of tests administered on May 11.  

“We had zero positive cases from the May 11 testing,” said Veroba. 

Nobody is currently on the close contact watch, either, which would have forced that person to be under quarantine.  

Creighton Lodge is in the midst of what Veroba called a 14-day clean cycle. If there are no positive cases at the end of those 14 days, then the eating area and other commons areas can reopen. The projected reopening date is May 26, but they’re awaiting confirmation from Public Health.  

“It is Public Health regulations that you have to have a 14-day COVID cycle, and a 14-day clean cycle. So we are on the clean cycle right now because we have no cases. If we get any more cases, then that would actually restart the whole thing again.”   

Residents of the lodge are getting “antsy,” Veroba said. They’re still co-operating and following the health regulations and recommendations, but they definitely miss being able to eat together, exercise, play games and participate in activities. 

“A lot of that has been minimized since the start of COVID, but they’re hoping that with the second vaccination just around the corner, that it will all resume just as pre-COVID,” said Veroba. 

Meals have been delivered to residents in their rooms since the first positive cases on April 16. The residents are able to come and go from the building as they please. Nobody is locked in their room or forced to stay in their room.  

“Anybody that lives here is free to come and go from the building. They can go outside. They can also have their caregivers come in, as per the provincial health guidelines, that anyone who lives alone is allowed to have one family contact.” 

Residents ages 85 and up are now eligible to book an appointment to receive their second dose of the COVID-19 vaccine. At least one resident has booked an appointment to receive a second shot.  

“We’re going to start looking at having our residents book on their own right now, because nobody can guarantee that they’ll have enough vaccine for all 50 people,” said Veroba. 

If at some time they can have someone come to Creighton Lodge to perform the vaccinations, then Veroba said they will.  

The community has remained supportive. Creighton Lodge has had a few cash donations from family members of residents. One family member wanted to purchase dilly bars for residents, and once the lodge is open again, the Trobert-Gilliss Law Firm has offered to purchase a catered meal for all the residents so they can celebrate being back together.  

“We had Pleasantdale School come and do a little parade all around the outside of the building,” Veroba said. “They came and they had done some lawn decorations and basically walked around the outside of the building. The residents were told they were coming, so then the residents watched them.” 

Afterwards the kids planted their decorations. 

Students from St. Mary’s School did some nice drawings, with cards and posters that told the residents the young people are praying for them.  

The lodge is looking forward to some outdoor activities, including a visit from the ice cream truck, and possibly even outdoor musical activities. The lodge has received a $3,500 grant for outdoor amenities.  

Murray GM recently stepped forward by donating 1,000 masks made by GM Canada. 

“The donation was nice just because it allows the residents to save a little bit of extra money, so they don’t have to purchase their own,” said Veroba.  

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