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Front Porch Interiors moves to new home

The Wawota-based business, Front Porch Interiors, took a step up in the world recently when the store moved to its new, built-to-order location.
Shannon Houff, the proprietor of Front Porch Interiors of Wawota, stands amongst some of her wares at the stores new location on Railway in Wawota. Featuring fine furnishings to fit any taste from mod to traditional, Houff's experience as an interior designer can help you find just the right furnishing.

The Wawota-based business, Front Porch Interiors, took a step up in the world recently when the store moved to its new, built-to-order location.

Formerly located on the south side of highway 48 in Wawota, the store's new location, at 407 Railway, is right at the downtown core of the community.

Business owner and operator Shannon Houff first opened her store in the autumn of 2005.

"We had hoped to build a building for the business since day one," Houff said of her new store. "The old space was nice, but it was sort-of broken up, and didn't have the open space the new store does."

With the floor space for display areas doubled by the move, Houff has found that the new space does present a small problem of sorts.

"We opened the doors here on Nov. 3," Houff said. "We didn't have a grand opening, but people came out to see the new store, and we were pretty busy when they came."

"Now we are finding we have to move stuff around a bit to keep the space looking full," Houff said. "We sold so much, we had to fluff things out a bit."

Houff, who also operates an interior decorating service out of the store, prides herself on the quality of her products, and the service she and her staff provide.

"We try and keep nothing but Canadian-made furniture in the store," Houff said. "We have an eye towards really superior quality furniture."

"We are also sensitive to the fact that everyone has a budget they have to work with," Houff said. "So we also try to make sure we have something for every budget, from those looking to go all out, to those looking for something a little simpler."

"In the end though, what really makes us stand out is our service," Houff said. "I think that is where we have a real touch."

"People can buy furniture anywhere, anytime," Houff said. "They can drive to Estevan, or Weyburn, or Regina, or wherever, and come home with the furniture they need."

"When you shop at our store though, you don't just get the furniture, you get us," Houff said. "I like to say that I come home with you with every piece you purchase."

Houff is happy to spend time with her customers and clients to make sure they get exactly what it is they are looking for for the space they have.

While offering decorating services as a hire, Houff is also happy to lend her expertise for just a single item purchase.

"It always comes back to the customers in the end," Houff said. "By keeping a very good selection covering many different price points I can help make sure that everyone's needs are fulfilled."

Within the store itself, Houff's design talent is obvious in the little touches and finishes that she applied to what is essentially a wood-frame steel side, not unlike many other business' buildings.

However, the addition of a pillared porch and a beautifully ornate front door (designed by Houff and built by her husband,) creates the sensation of stopping by a grand old home as you mount the steps to the building.

Once inside, the padded white-leather trim and aged wood of the front desk greets you.

"The wood was actually salvaged from an old barn in the area that was being torn down," Houff said of the accents. "We also recovered the main door, which is at the back of the store, still on the original runner, and the door to the tack room, which is now the office door."

Throughout the space, the massive door at the rear of the store, and the old-wood borders and touches, makes one feel like they are in a country home.

Houff has so far held six women's nights in the new space, and is presently collecting wish lists from patrons to help her identify just the right pieces.

"We have over 300 wish lists on file right now," Houff said. "People give them to us, and we can muddle through, use them to help us get a grasp on the things you like and are looking for."

Houff organizes the ladies evenings herself, though she does invite any groups or organizations that would like to do a special evening to contact her to make arrangements.

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