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Hot summer days all for cool outdoor pools

With everything now on a more direct path to complete reopening and summer getting off to a good start, it is pleasant news that the Carlyle Swimming Pool will be open for this season.
Carlyle Swimming Pool
Hot summer days

With everything now on a more direct path to complete reopening and summer getting off to a good start, it is pleasant news that the Carlyle Swimming Pool will be open for this season.

The pool will open exclusively to students for its first set of after school swimming lessons beginning June 21. The pool will begin to be open to the public on June 26.

“Our summer staff consists of students and although we had hoped to open earlier for public swim, most guards are in high school and are busy with finals and graduations” says Erica Frazer, member of the Carlyle and District Leisure Complex Board, which is responsible for maintaining and managing the pool.

While the pool has always seen regular and dedicated maintenance that have kept it in such good shape, maintenance cannot entirely stop the inevitable process of aging.

“Last season, we noticed some deterioration of the panels behind the pool liner in the deep end of the pool, creating weak points in the pool walls,” said Frazer.

The board contacted Western Recreation and Development Inc. whom they’ve worked with in regard to pool maintenance for a number of years.

Upon the recommendation of Western Recreation and Development Inc., the board has braced the walls behind the pool liner in the problem areas, which has improved the safety and structural integrity of the pool. Because of this construction on the pool, the facility is able to safely operate.

“These repairs will increase the longevity of the pool and extend the life of our current liner,” said Frazer.

The repairs are not a permanent solution and ultimately, the pool is going to need to see a full repair to its walls and a new liner in the process.

“This repair is tentatively scheduled to commence fall of 2022 with completion in spring of 2023 and has been quoted at $243,300 plus taxes.”

The pool’s change rooms have also seen some repairs happening this year.

“We had an engineer through the facility and recommended new support beams and bracing some existing beams to bring them back up to code.”

The work on the change rooms was completed by Amped Welding Inc.

Thanks to a generous grant that The Carlyle Pool was fortunate to receive by the Government of Saskatchewan Municipal Economic Enhancement Program, the pool has also been fitted with rubber paving that skirts the outside of the pool deck. This surface replaces brick that extended the cement surrounding the pool, but those bricks posed a tripping hazard as they began to sink more into the ground.

The tripping hazard has now been eliminated with the rubber paving that now replaces the brick. The rubber paving provides swimmers with a soft, even walking surface that also adds aesthetic value to the pool deck.

The Carlyle Pool is a community initiative as it relies on volunteers and donations from the community to keep itself afloat. Such fundraisers for the pool include the Southern Plains Co-op donating 10 per cent of all grocery sales on June 5.

Another upcoming fundraiser that the pool is holding in partnership with the Carlyle Golf Club is a golf tournament. The tournament is a four-person Texas scramble and the event will be held on June 19.

“We have been blown away with the donations and support from the community business, and surrounding community business as well,” said Frazer.

As the board consists of only five members who also maintain full-time jobs, the board is always looking for new members. In addition, the pool is always interested in hiring qualified individuals for lifeguard positions. For information on joining the board, for employment reasons, or to register online for swimming lessons; please visit the pool’s Facebook Page at Carlyle Pool- Carlyle and District Leisure Complex.