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Police busily engaged on a number of fronts during the past week

It was another week of pure variety for members of the Estevan Police Service this past week, beginning with the arrest of three men on the night of Aug. 16. The three were wanted on outstanding warrants.

It was another week of pure variety for members of the Estevan Police Service this past week, beginning with the arrest of three men on the night of Aug. 16. The three were wanted on outstanding warrants.

That same night EPS members issued five tickets for a number of infractions including speeding, an excessively noisy vehicle and no valid operator's licence.

On Aug. 17, city police were alerted by a business in the central area of the city that an elderly man appeared to be having problems. Police attended the scene and discovered the man was suffering from a medical condition that required further assistance so Estevan emergency medical personnel were called to the scene and transported the man to the hospital where he received the required attention and treatment.

That same day police were called to the Church of God parking lot to investigate damages that had been done to a parked bus. A window had been broken and police are seeking the co-operation of the public in helping them solve this crime.

During the day of Aug. 18, EPS members were called to the city's west side in response to a report of mischief. They learned that several parked vehicles along one street had been vandalized by someone who had spray painted them. The investigation continues.

Police next attended to a residential area on the north side of the city following a report of a motor vehicle accident. They learned that three vehicles had been involved in the intersection collision but no one had been seriously injured. The damage to the vehicles was significant enough that all three needed to be towed from the scene and the incident was placed under investigation.

During the night shift Aug. 19, Estevan police were called to a parking lot on the north side of the city in response to a fight that was in progress. Police arrived and discovered a large group of people who were spoken to which led to the subsequent arrest of two Estevan women who were charged with assault and have now been assigned a September court date.

Police were called back to the same business location later that same evening, again in response to a fight in progress. When they arrived, they learned that the combatants had left the scene but the matter remains under investigation.

That same night, police charged several people for being intoxicated in public and one Midale man was found to have warrants laid against him in another jurisdiction so he was charged and lodged in cells until sober as was another man who was in a similar intoxicated state.

On the night of Aug. 20, city police were called to a residential area in response to a complaint of an uninvited guest refusing to leave the home. Once they arrived, the guest agreed to leave and no further action was required.

During that night, EPS members conducted several checks on vehicles and drivers for possible drinking and driving offences. One vehicle check uncovered two Lampman men who were consuming alcohol in the vehicle and both were doing so in contravention of a court condition not to consume alcohol while on release conditions. Both were charged with consuming alcohol in a vehicle and for breaching conditions of an undertaking. They also have a September court date.

Police then stopped a vehicle that was being driven in an erratic manner on the city's north side. The 19-year-old Ontario man was seen to be in a highly intoxicated state, so he was arrested and charged accordingly and will appear in court in September.

The next check of a suspicious vehicle included the deployment of the police drug detection service dog that located some marijuana on the occupants. One Bienfait man was charged with being in possession of a controlled substance and will appear in court in September.

On the night of Aug. 21, police were alerted to a situation involving a domestic dispute. They learned that a Regina-based woman had come to Estevan to cause problems for a former boyfriend, to the extent that the incident required police involvement. The woman was arrested and then later released on a peace bond. She now has a September court date.

An incident involving a stolen truck resulted in a joint effort being undertaken involving EPS members and members of the local detachment of the RCMP. The truck was located on the highway southeast of Estevan. It was determined the vehicle had suffered some moderate damage.

The EPS members also attended to a domestic dispute on Aug. 20 that resulted in one party leaving the scene to help alleviate the situation. A second disturbance on the city's south side was resolved when one person was arrested on outstanding warrants on an unrelated matter. He was later released.

On the morning of Aug. 21, EPS members had been called to a local motel to assist an elderly lady who had arrived in an apparent confused state-of-mind. She was taken to hospital for examination and evaluation and her family was contacted.

An insecure business was the next item on the police agenda on Aug. 21. The downtown business was checked into and police discovered that staff members were on site and there were no security issues so the matter was concluded.

That same day one person was arrested and charged with mischief and uttering threats following an incident at a local convenience store. The matter remains under investigation.

A report of a fight in a local park on the afternoon of Aug. 21 attracted police attention, but when they arrived at the scene they discovered that the combat was actually two friends who were play-acting and simply having fun with their activities, so police departed the scene with no further action required.

On the night of Aug. 22, police responded to a call regarding the possibility that someone was attempting to climb up the stairway of the city's water tower. No one was located in the area when police arrived.

A gathering of young people in the Willow Park Greens mobile home park was also noted by police who attended the scene and urged the young people to move on in separate directions, which they did.

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