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RCMP report

The Carlyle detachment received 40 calls during the June 10-16 reporting period. Calls that related to mental health or minors will not be detailed in this article.

The Carlyle detachment received 40 calls during the June 10-16 reporting period. Calls that related to mental health or minors will not be detailed in this article.

A report was received of a school bus driving at 130 kilometres per hour in an easterly direction between Arcola and Carlyle on Highway 13. The doors were reportedly open and the vehicle was described as being driven all over the road. Members attended and located the school bus. The driver claimed the vehicle was incapable of exceeding 105 km/hr, but did admit to driving with the door open. The driver was warned about speeding.

Several complaints were received regarding possibly intoxicated drivers during this period. Locations included Arcola, Wawota, Carlyle and Redvers. In one case, the driver was discovered not to be intoxicated and in most cases, the vehicles were not located. No charges relating to driving under the influence were laid.

A 911 call was received from the driver of a semi. They reported a vehicle that was repeatedly passing their truck, swerving in front of them and slowing down until it was necessary for the truck to pass them. The matter was transferred to the Weyburn detachment and the erratic driver was located and spoken to. No charges were laid.

Another 911 call involved a motorcycle accident on highway 8, south of Redvers. The injured party was taken to Moosomin hospital by EMS members.

Also in Redvers was the collision of a vehicle with a lamp standard. Members attended and discovered damage consistent with the reported event. The keys of the vehicle were seized and the matter is under investigation.

Once again in Redvers, a complaint was received by the detachment that a loud party was in progress. It was also reported that a stock car was being driven noisily along the road where the party was being held. Members were requested to attend.

A hit and run was reported in Kisbey. There was minor damage and the caller only reported the incident to get a police file number for insurance purposes. In a separate call, an accident from June 9 was reported to police, once again only to gain the necessary paperwork for SGI.

Three other incidents involved the road. In Carlyle, the owner of an RV trailer was advised of a town bylaw that such vehicles may only be parked on the street for 48 hours before being moved. In Wawota, the owner of an unlicensed vehicle was asked to move the undrivable machine off the road. And in Kenosee village, there was a report of motor bikes tearing around the area. No charges were filed in any of these cases.

Three false alarms were reported to police. One was at a private cabin and the other two were from businesses in Manor and Redvers. No suspicious circumstances were discovered in any of these incidents.

Several incidents were reported regarding disputes among persons. In one case, an uninvited couple were in the home of a third individual and were causing property damage. Members attended but the couple had left and the complainant did not wish to press charges. In a domestic dispute in Arcola, an individual was advised to seek alternate accommodation after minor property damage occurred during an argument. In another incident, members attended an unwanted person's complaint and removed an intoxicated 40-year-old male to cells until the man sobered up. The fourth incident involves criminal harassment and is still under investigation.

Several complaints of theft were investigated. In Manor, a person reported the theft of the tail gate from their truck. In Wawota, a live animal cage went missing, and from Sandy Beach, a 16 foot orange and red canoe was stolen. Investigations continue in these matters.

In closing, a 911 call was received from the high school in Carlyle during school hours. Members attended and the exact location from which the call was made was determined. A class was in session in the room, but none of the students would admit to placing the call. The class was spoken to by members with regard to misuse of the 911 service.

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