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Saturday was variety night for Estevan police

A couple of minor drug busts, a few hit-and-run incidents, some vandalism issues and disturbances were all part of a week's worth of work for members of the Estevan Police Service (EPS). The activity began Aug.

A couple of minor drug busts, a few hit-and-run incidents, some vandalism issues and disturbances were all part of a week's worth of work for members of the Estevan Police Service (EPS).

The activity began Aug. 8 with a motor vehicle accident in the early afternoon. The incident that occurred on 13th Avenue did not result in any injuries but the man driving a vehicle that had rear ended a stopped vehicle was charged with driving without due care and attention.

During the night of Aug. 10, EPS members were called to a parking lot near an east side business on the suspicion that a drug transaction was taking place. The police intercepted one of the vehicles and checked it and uncovered a large amount of marijuana. The occupants were arrested for being in possession of a controlled substance for the purposes of trafficking and two men are scheduled to appear in court in September to answer to those charges.

Later that same night, EPS members were at a local business establishment in response to a complaint of a patron failing to pay a bill. The matter was resolved without further incident. Soon after that matter had been concluded, police were called back to the same establishment, responding to a report that several patrons were damaging the building and breaking bottles. The police arrived at the scene and charged one person with having an open alcohol container in public and the rest of the people were sent on their respective ways after it was determined that no major damage had been done.

On the night of Aug. 11, EPS members were called to check into a disturbance that had erupted on Fourth Street in the central business district. Police located a couple of men who had been arguing so they checked them out and discovered that one of them was in breach of a court condition not to consume alcohol. The British Columbia man was taken into custody and remained there pending a court appearance later this month.

A vehicle check on the city's south side on the night of Aug. 11 revealed that the driver had warrants out for his arrest, so he was taken into custody. When police returned to continue their check, a 22-year-old male passenger fled on foot. Police captured the man a short distance from the scene and discovered he was in possession of a controlled substance, so he was charged with being in possession of the substance and also for resisting arrest. He now has a September court date.

Earlier in the day, police received several reports of individuals going through parked vehicles and stealing items from them. Most of the complaints came from the city's north central area.

In mid-morning, EPS members received a report of a vehicle being stolen from the south central area of the city by a man wearing a disguise who simply jumped into a truck and began to drive away with the owner of the vehicle not being too far away.

The truck's owner attempted to stop the thief, but the suspect had locked the doors. He then drove the truck about a block with the owner clinging to the side of the vehicle before dropping off.

The vehicle was located about three minutes later by EPS members but the driver refused to stop for the police emergency lights. Three blocks later, he was finally brought to a halt in the central business district, resulting in a 23-year-old suspect being charged with the theft of a motor vehicle, dangerous driving and flight from police.

During the day shift on Aug. 13, a 59-year-old Estevan woman was charged with impaired driving and failing to supply a suitable breath sample on a breathalyzer as well as failure to remain at the scene of an accident.

A busy Saturday night and early Sunday morning began for the EPS members when they issued several tickets for traffic related offences in a number of areas throughout the city.

The activity continued with the investigation of a vehicle collision at the intersection of 13th Avenue and Sixth Street when a semi-trailer unit was in collision with a passenger vehicle. No injuries were reported.

Shortly before 11 p.m., police were called to the north end of the city in response to a concern that some damage was being inflicted on construction equipment. When they arrived, police found multiple pieces of damaged equipment and windows smashed. Witnesses reported that the suspects were last seen heading towards a party that was being held in the area.

Anyone with information regarding this incident is asked to contact the EPS at 634-4767 or report what they know anonymously through Crimestoppers at 1-800-222-8477.

While police were still investigating the construction equipment vandalism situation, they were called to the Trojan area in the city on a hit-and-run report. They located a parked vehicle that had been struck and pushed back a few feet by the passing vehicle that then left the scene without making any attempts to contact the owner of the victim vehicle. Police remained on the scene for some time, collecting evidence and were eventually able to identify the type and colour of the offending vehicle which they found in the immediate area a short time later. They seized the vehicle as evidence and the driver was identified and he was charged with failing to remain at the scene of an accident and failing to notify the property owner. The accused was also charged for not having a valid driver's licence and driving without due care and attention. He is also under a continuing investigation for possible firearms offences since a firearm was discovered in the vehicle. This would be an unrelated offence since the firearm was not involved in any manner with the collision incident.

While they were engaged in the hit-and-run investigation, EPS members were dispatched to another part of the city in response to a report of a speeding vehicle heading towards Estevan. They managed to intercept the vehicle that was entering the city on the north side at a very high rate of speed. The 31-year-old driver is now facing charges of impaired driving, driving while his blood-alcohol level was above .08 per cent, dangerous driving and driving while disqualified.

On Aug. 14, EPS members were again asked to look into numerous reports of vehicles and construction equipment being vandalized in the north central area of the city. The damage had been inflicted during an overnight period. Some of the vehicles had been keyed, windows had been smashed and other damages were noted during the investigation.

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