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Weyburn Mayor Roy re-elected, three new councillors chosen

Weyburn’s Mayor Marcel Roy was returned for his second term in Monday’s civic election, and three new councillors were elected along with three incumbent members.
Mayor Marcel Roy

Weyburn’s Mayor Marcel Roy was returned for his second term in Monday’s civic election, and three new councillors were elected along with three incumbent members.

In the mayoral race, Roy received 1,636 votes, with 899 ballots cast on Monday and 737 votes in the advance and mail-in polls. Challenger Nick Coroluick garnered 1,246 votes, with 629 on Monday and 617 in the advance and mail-in vote.

Third place challenger, Bruce Croft, had a total of 15 votes, with eight in the regular poll, and seven from the advance and mail-in polls.

In the council race, the top six vote-getters were Jeff Richards, 1,948 votes; Mel Van Betuw, 1,726; Dick Michel, 1,591; Ryan Janke, 1,521; Laura Morrissette, 1,386; and Dr. John Corrigan, 1,226.

The other candidates were as follows: Debra Button, 1,159; Melanie Sorensen, 1,119; Dana Pretzer, 1,086; Casey Drullette, 800; John Lawrence, 710; Trevor Butts, 581; and Sheila Sutherland, 366.

In the vote for the Southeast Cornerstone School Division, incumbent Melanie Sorensen was re-elected with 1,425 votes, and second was new candidate Norma Hewitt-Lendrum with 876 votes. Third was incumbent Brandon Tichkowsky with 847 votes.

There was a low turnout in this election, as a total of 2,914 ballots were cast this year compared to the 2016 election, when 4,140 votes were cast in the mayoral race out of the 9,151 eligible voters in that year.

Mayor Roy thanked his family for working as a team with him in this campaign, and he thanked the citizens of Weyburn for allowing him to earn another four-year term.

“I’m very optimistic for the future of the city. It’s made up of a lot of wonderful, caring people, and I’ll continue to work hard for them and with the many organizations we have in the community,” he said.

He is glad to see the three incumbents who ran were voted back in to help give stability and experience to the council, along with three good quality councillors who will be coming on board.

“I’m looking forward to working with each and every one of them,” he said.

Roy also paid tribute to the election staff who set up the Cugnet Centre for voting on Monday, with all of the polling stations combined into one location.

“I think it was a really well-done job, and it was well-organized,” he commented.

Challenger for the mayor’s chair, Nick Coroluick, said the results were not what he had hoped for, but extended his gratitude for the team who worked with him on the campaign, and for giving him good advice along the way.

“I’m happy if for no other reason I learned a lot about the city, and was able to get back in touch with people,” he said.

Of his campaign, Coroluick said, “When I first started it, I knew it was going to be an uphill battle. Marcel had just been there for four years, and people in Weyburn like their mayors to have two terms.”

He said the city will lose out on the leadership and experience of the councillor who didn’t run again, and will benefit from the incumbents who were re-elected as well as from the new members.

As for whether he will run again, Coroluick said he will make that decision in four years’ time.

The former councillor added, “I had said before I wouldn’t do it again.”

He wished Marcel all the best as mayor and said he ran a good campaign.

“What I really appreciated was people who came out of their homes when I was out delivering flyers, and talked to me and offered their support,” added Coroluick.

“I’m excited and I’m humbled by the electorate, choosing me again to work for them for another four years,” said incumbent Mel Van Betuw, adding his congratulations to the three new members of council.

He hopes that those candidates who were not successful will consider running again, “because it’s certainly a learning experience.”

Van Betuw said he is glad there was such a high interest in this election, adding he would never want to be acclaimed to a seat on council, as it’s better “if you know you have the city behind you, and it helps in your decision-making.”

The longest-serving member of council, Dick Michel, said he felt honoured to be re-elected by the citizens of Weyburn.

“We’ve done a lot of good things, but there’s a lot more things to do yet,” said Michel, extending his congratulations to Mayor Roy and his fellow councillors.

“We’re there to work as a team, and I thank the citizens for putting their trust in me for another four years.”

The highest vote-getter on council, Jeff Richards, said he is happy to be back on council, and thanked all those who voted for him, “and I promise to work as hard as I did last time. I’m grateful for their support.”