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Column: Moms are real life superheroes

Moms have inexplicable healing powers. From kissing a child’s ‘boo-boo’ to make it better or caring for sick family members.
Column: Who needs a superhero when you have a mom, right? There is nothing in the world she cannot do. Her cape is invisible.

ASSINIBOIA - Who needs a superhero when you have a mom, right? There is nothing in the world she cannot do. Her cape is invisible. She doesn’t wear a suit of armour, but protects her children as though she does. She resolves issues single-handedly and will fight all the evilest of forces to protect her family.

Her superpowers include performing multiple things at one time as multi tasking is her strong suit.

Moms can read minds regardless if you are lost in your thoughts, hiding something, or going through some issues. Moms can figure out and understand exactly what is going on and work to help.

Just like superheroes, moms can fly. She always flies to your rescue, whether it’s in a minivan, or diving to catch you if you fall. Moms always save the day.

Moms have inexplicable healing powers. From kissing a child’s ‘boo-boo’ to make it better or caring for sick family members. Her comforting touch, warm hug, empathetic listening and sound advice are enough to heal us from any kind of pain.

Moms carry an unbeatable strength. She bears an unimaginable pain during childbirth and carries on to survive sleepless nights throughout her children’s lives. Being a mom requires a tremendous amount of strength, patience and stamina.

As May rolls around, so does the annual tradition of Mother’s Day. When my mom was alive, I celebrated her every occasion I got because she deserved so much more than a one-day recognition. We still take time to celebrate her on many special occasions.

My mom has been subject of many a column that I have written in the past. As remarkable as I know she was from my own experiences but also the memories shared by countless others of her, I also know there are a multitude of moms who have made their mark on the world.

Moms are nurturing, supportive, provide continual comfort to others, regardless of her own circumstances. She is accepting, beyond patient, especially with stubbornly rebellious toddlers or teens. She is absolutely selfless as her concerns are her family’s needs and never her own.

Moms show her family the importance of faith, cooking for comfort or company, volunteering, giving back to others even if it meant something as simple as home baking for an event. And, no matter what everyone was dressed like, or what the background was, or who was taking the picture, she knew the value of family photographs and therefore lots of photos were taken at every occasion.

Every day I marvel at moms in our communities who are multi-tasking to get kids to activities, pre preparing food for in transit or making sure there is a hot meal in the slow cooker when they get home. There are working moms who utilize lunch and coffee breaks to never miss a concert, special occasion at school, or run that forgotten band instrument or homework piece to school for the child. And those same moms who make time to volunteer with their kids’ activities or in their community.

Here’s to the grandmas who ensure that their grandchildren will always have memories of them taking part in their lives whether through actively being fans in the stands at their sporting events, or spending designated time with them each week or month with activities designed just for these get togethers.

Single moms have my utmost respect, as rarely anyone chooses this status of parenthood. I’ve played that role on occasion when late work hours or extended work hours had me in the parent driver’s seat but I know that I always had that reprieve when things slowed down for dad. Single moms serve dual parent roles as well as the multiple tasks bestowed upon them as the only adult in the house, and more often than not - these gals are rockstars in this role by choosing to make the best of it and not letting the best of it get to them.

A salute to working moms who spend Mother’s Day working so that others can benefit from their career skills, or to enable another mom to have the day off.

Moms bore the worry of any member of her family, helping reassure, calm and assist whenever she was needed. She is the pillar of strength for her family; the foundation of which her family was built. Every quality that is loved about her will be the legacy she leaves for everyone. One of the greatest messages moms give to their family is to embrace and enjoy life’s pleasures and treasures, even amidst the chaos as there would always be work, housework or a “to do” list but there will not always be family time.

Trying to live life in her model is how we show thanks.

“Life doesn’t come with a manual, it comes with a mother.”