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Drewitz highland dance students receive results from exams

Examiner was Karen Baird from Glasgow.
From left, Marley Nashiem, examiner Irene Baird of Glasgow and Halle Adams at the examination.

ESTEVAN - Students from the Drewitz School of Dance, under the direction of Lorie-Gay Drewitz-Gallaway and assistant teacher Hunter Hildebrand, participated in Scottish Dance Highland Alliance exams in December.

The examiner was Karen Baird from Glasgow. This year’s exams brought in the students examined in Dance Star exams as well as medal, national and jig examinations.

Students participated from the studio via Zoom, as Baird was in Scotland.

Recently received results are as follows:

Highland medals and awards:

Dance star 1 successful pass: Quinn Zahn, Taylor Curtis, Addison Melle and Harper Eskra.

Dance Star 2 successful pass: Paige Van Ry Broek, Anna Beatty, Emma Grobbink, Lilee Van Sickle, Emma Salkeld and Desiree Krahn.

Dance Star 3 successful pass: Grace Hall, Mollie Kingdon, Alice Mowchenko, Kayleigh Reed and Delaney Tamblyn.

Dance Star 4 successful pass: Tyler Zabel, Elizabeth Harmsworth, Ava Mann and Taylor Ellis.

Dance Star 5 successful pass: Kennady Poole, Aspen Mayuk and Sophia Deitz.

Pre-bronze highland fling highly commended: Harper Eskra, Delaney Tamblyn, Lilee Van Sickle, Emma Salkeld and Keira Kessler; commended plus: Anna Beatty, Desiree Krahn, Quinn Zahn and Paige Van Ry Broek.

Pre-bronze sword highly commended: Coco Mercer, Grace Hall, Emma Salkeld, Graceigh-Mae Sullivan, Mollie Kingdon, Kayleigh Reed, Chloe Marsh and Alice Mowchenko; commended plus: Paris Irwin, Keira Kessler and Tyler Zabel.

Pre-silver medal highly commended: Ava Mann, Kennady Poole, Taylor Ellis and Elizabeth Harmsworth; commended plus: Aspen Mayuk and Sophia Deitz,

Silver medal highly commended: Summer Gardiner; commended plus: Kelsie Wilson.

Pre-gold medal highly commended: Ekko Sanguin; commended plus: Logan Hase, Payton Sernick, Tegan Mosley and Alyssa Saccary.

Gold medal highly commended: Alexis Paton, Sophia Fleck and Aurora McCutcheon; commended plus: Logan Hase, Sienna Kuntz and Cana Marsh.

Scottish Award 1 medal highly commended: Kerison Burnett.

Scottish Award 2 medal highly commended: Marley Nashiem; commended plus: Halle Adams.

Scottish National Medals and Awards

Pre-bronze national highly commended: Taylor Ellis and Ava Mann; commended plus: Elizabeth Harmsworth, Sophia Deitz and Kennady Poole.

Silver national highly commended: Summer Gardiner; commended: Kelsie Wilson.

Gold national highly commended: Sophia Fleck; commended plus: Sienna Kuntz, Cana Marsh and Payton Sernick; commended: Alyssa Saccary, Tegan Mosley, Alexis Paton, Ekko Sanguin and Aurora McCutcheon.

Scottish Award 2 national highly commended: Kerison Burnett

Irish jig medals and awards

Pre-bronze jig highly commended: Cana Marsh, Sophia Fleck, Tegan Mosley, Ekko Sanguin, Alyssa Saccary, Payton Sernick and Alexis Paton; commended plus: Sienna Kuntz and Aurora McCutcheon.

Bronze jig highly commended: Payton Sernick, Sophia Fleck and Cana Marsh; commended plus: Alexis Paton, Alyssa Saccary and Ekko Sanguin; commended: Aurora McCutcheon and Sienna Kuntz.

Gold jig highly commended: Marley Nashiem; commended plus: Halle Adams.

Scottish Award 1 jig commended plus: Kerison Burnett.

Scottish Award 2 jig commended plus: Halle Adams and Marley Nashiem.