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Ocean Man First Nation receives land claim mineral right

Government says the facilitation of reserve creation directly supports the growth of First Nation communities.
Mineral rights agreement.

OCEAN MAN FIRST NATION - Sixty-three hectares (156 acres) of Crown mineral rights will be transferred to Ocean Man First Nation upon the surface attaining reserve status. 

"These transfers are part of Saskatchewan's continued commitment to work with our partners to transfer land and minerals to reserve status, directly supporting the growth of First Nation communities," Minister Responsible for First Nations, Métis and Northern Affairs Don McMorris said. "The facilitation of reserve creation directly supports the growth of First Nation communities and continues to serve an important role in the ongoing economic reconciliation between governments and Saskatchewan's First Nations."

This transfer abides by the terms of the memorandum of agreement for the facilitation of the implementation of specific claims settlements, signed by the Governments of Saskatchewan and Canada on March 31, 2000. 

To transfer mineral rights, First Nations submit a written request to the Government of Saskatchewan identifying the Crown minerals for selection. The First Nation and the Government of Saskatchewan negotiate the purchase price for the minerals, with all sales requiring the consent of any existing Crown mineral rights holder. Once all conditions are met, the Crown minerals are transferred to the Government of Canada through a Mineral Order in Council, which takes effect upon reserve creation.

With the acquisition of new reserve lands, successful Specific Claims Settlement Agreements, signed between First Nations and the Government of Canada, support community growth and traditional land use as well as partnerships between First Nations, businesses and neighbouring communities, advance opportunities for business development in urban centres, and create economic development and employment opportunities in the mining, oil and gas, business and agriculture sectors.