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RCMP weekly report

Story: The Carlyle RCMP detachment handled 57 calls from Sept. 12 to 19. Sept. 12 Emergency Services requested police members to attend to a suspected assault with a weapon in the area.


The Carlyle RCMP detachment handled 57 calls from Sept. 12 to 19.

Sept. 12

Emergency Services requested police members to attend to a suspected assault with a weapon in the area. While members were en-route, EMS informed police they were no longer needed.

Police received a report of harassing phone calls from Manor. The caller did not want to give a statement, but wanted to speak with an RCMP officer.

Police advised an individual in Carlyle in regards to a custody matter.

A 23-year-old from Carlyle was charged with possession of narcotics after police located drugs on the person while they were detaining him for a separate incident.

Sept. 13

Carlyle RCMP responded to a 911call regarding suspicious abandoned vehicle located behind a cabin at Kenosee Lake. Police learned the vehicle had been in an accident, which had previously been reported.

A 60-year-old male from Arcola was issued a ticket for driving while suspended. The driver was stopped while on highway 9 near Carlyle.

An individual made a formal complaint to police regarding dogs that have been continuously barking in Kenosee Lake.

A 44-year-old female from Carlyle was charged with driving without a valid license after being stopped on highway 9 near Carlyle.

Police were called to check into an abandoned vehicle located behind the Skyline Motor Inn in Carlyle. Police determined the Alberta-licensed vehicle had been in a previous accident and was therefore no longer driveable.

Members were called to a motor vehicle accident in Moose Mountain Provincial Park.

Carlyle RCMP received a 911 open-static-line call from a residence in the area. Members attended. The house was all locked up and no one was around in the guest house or RV in the backyard.

A motor vehicle collision with a raccoon, which occurred eight miles south of Antler, was reported to police.

Police attended to the Skyline Motor Inn in Carlyle after receiving an open-static-line 911 call. Upon arrival, members determined 911 had been misdialed.

Sept. 14

Members were en-route to an alarm in Wawota when they were informed the alarm was false.

While on patrol in Wawota, members noted a suspicious vehicle which was running. Police noted the driver showed signs of impairment. The 36-year-old male from Wawota was arrested and taken to the Carlyle detachment to provide samples. He was subsequently charged with impaired driving and driving while over .08. Police lodged the male in cells overnight. He was released the next morning on a promise to appear in court at a future date.

A local business informed police of a suspicious phone call. Members are following up on the file.

Sept. 15

Showers at Campground B at White Bear Lake Resort were broken into and change was taken. Police are continuing their investigation into this matter.

An individual from Redvers called police after arriving home from work and noticing someone had been in his house. Nothing appeared to be taken.

A break-and-enter was reported from a residence in Redvers. Members continue to investigate.

Police received a complaint that a Carlyle business received a NSF cheque. This matter is being investigated.

There was a 911 call from Redvers. The caller stated he heard a knock at the living room door but when he checked, no one was there. He went into the kitchen and noticed an unknown male had walked through the door and started up the stairs. When questioned, the unknown male informed the caller his vehicle had over-heated and he needed water. He left with water but did not put it in his vehicle. Police have a person of interest. The matter is still under investigation.

Police are investigating a complaint of an assault from Redvers.

Sept. 16

Members responded to a 911 call of an intruder in an area home. The caller reported the suspect left the residence out the back door. Police located the 49-year-old male, who lives in Regina, sleeping on a step. Charges are pending.

Police were called to a domestic dispute, just outside of Carlyle.

A concerned individual called police to inform members of a red Trans Am ripping around Carlyle. There was no license plate on the vehicle. An off-duty RCMP member happened to notice the Trans Am, stopped it and spoke to the driver. The driver had just acquired a temporary permit; however it was not visible because the vehicle's windows were "blacked out."

Police attended to a domestic dispute in Carlyle.

Members are investigating an assault in Arcola that occurred between two females.

The detachment received a request to locate an individual. The caller's 16-year-old daughter had left home. She was later located by Saskatoon Police Service.

Carlyle RCMP received notification of four liquor permits.

RCMP members received a complaint of one individual pointing a firearm at another individual in the area. The Emergency Response Team from Regina attended. When the residence was searched, the suspect was not located. A warrant has been issued for a 30-year-old male.

Police received a report of a motor vehicle collision with a deer near Antler on the 600 grid. There were no injuries.

Sept. 17

Members responded to a 911 hang-up call from a business in Carlyle. Upon arrival, it was determined an employee had misdialed 911.

Police were called to Kisbey after a red van allegedly ran another vehicle off the road. Members attended and located the vehicle. The driver said she was passing a semi when another vehicle came over the hill. There were no charges.

A concerned individual called police to inform them a horse was on highway 13 near Redvers. The caller was concerned someone might hit the horse. Members made a patrol, but were unable to locate the horse.

Police received notification of two liquor permits.

A complainant advised police someone entered his home in Redvers and took 25-35 Blue-Ray DVDs as well as money and clothing. This matter is still under investigation.

Sept. 18

Police received a false alarm at a business in Redvers.

An individual informed police that a herd of about 25 cattle were on highway 9 near the turnoff to Wawota.

There was a 911 call advising police of a bale fire in a field outside of Carlyle. The local fire department was en-route.

Sept. 19

Members responded to a 911 call of a domestic dispute in progress on the area.

One individual was taken to his sister's house. There were no charges laid.

There was a false alarm call from a residence in Redvers.

Police received a call that a grain truck filled with grain rolled over near Redvers. Members did not attend. There were no injuries.

Police received complaints of three break-and-enters to cabins at White Bear Lake Resort. During the third call, police were advised the caller had caught one of the individuals responsible. When police arrived, they located two additional individuals in a nearby vehicle. As of press deadline, two of the three individuals were charged for numerous offenses related to the break-and-enters.

A 20-year-old male was reported missing from Kenosee Lake. The male's friend had been out looking for him without any luck. The caller was concerned because the person may have been in need of medical attention. The friend finally located the individual.