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Estevan Mercury 4-H Member of the Month: Haylie Petterson

This month's 4-H special brought by Nelson Motors
4-H Kid pic 1
Haylie Petterson

Editor's note: This is the latest article in our 4-H Member of the Month series, sponsored by Nelson Motors. Thanks to Nelson Motors for supporting this initiative, and to 4-H for the difference they make in young people's lives. 



Name: Haylie Petterson 

Club: Benson 4-H Club 

Age: 10 

Age group: Junior 

Years in 4-H: Five 

Haylie Petterson might be just 10 years old, but she has already been part of the Benson 4-H Club for half of her life. 

Haylie joined 4-H five years ago because her father was in 4-H when he was a kid, although Haylie doesn’t recall any pressure to be part of the long-standing organization for youths.  

She enjoys working with her steer and attending meetings. 

Haylie has had some cool experiences through 4-H during her five years. She has competed in public speaking, finishing second at the district level for a speech on curling. 

Speaking of curling, she learned the sport through 4-H. Haylie and her brothers have competed at the district and regional levels, and the kids really enjoy the extra activity.  

As for the cattle component, she won the award for the top homegrown steer at the club level in 2018, and she also had the largest weight gain for a steer. Steers will be weighed in at the start of the calendar year, and again six or seven months later, and an award is presented to the steer that has grown the most.

Haylie has learned to lead, groom and judge steers.  

Of course, she has made a lot of friends through 4-H, not only through her local club, but from other clubs.  

Haylie said she would recommend 4-H to others, because it’s a lot of fun, and there are lots of projects.  

When she is not doing 4-H and working with her 4-H animal, she loves to be riding, whether it's out in the field or when moving cows. 

Haylie helps feed all the animals at her family’s farm.  

She is also active with competitive gymnastics.