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Arcola's Moose Mountain Ag Day informs and educates for over a decade

Arcola's Moose Mountain Ag Day informs and educates for over a decade

For over a decade, Moose Mountain Ag Day-held March 3 at Arcola's Prairie Place Hall- has endeavored to provide trending and timely information for farmers and ranchers in southeastern Saskatchewan.

Drone technology

Flying drones are drawing tons of attention these days. Popular weekly television dramas such as ‘Hawaii Five-O’ and ‘NCIS: LA’ have aired episodes in recent months with drones posing a threat as gun-toting, bomb-bearing, kill machines.
Markets are always a volatile place

Markets are always a volatile place

The beef sector has been experiencing record high prices in recent months, with the prospect of good prices remaining for some time as the industry slowly rebuilds cow numbers.

Gearing up for spring

As the end of February draws near there is a change in the wind in terms of farming. In general terms farmers tend to go into a somewhat dormant state from about the time Christmas decorations go up, until the calendar flips to March.

Economic impact on grain markets

It is a wonder that when it comes to grain markets anyone has a good idea about what they will be tomorrow morning, let alone months before seeding, and farther still from the next harvest. The most recent report from AgAdvance.

Adopting new farming technologies

In general terms farmers have been rather open to adopting new technologies.
Taking control of what we eat

Taking control of what we eat

It was interesting to sit down with Dean Rugland the manager of the Yorkton Peavey Mart about how the company is trying to focus on small farmers, acreage owners, and the growing realm of urban farmers.

Reports relating to agriculture

It’s always interesting to read about reports which are being released in the area of agriculture. Sometimes they bring to light some intriguing information. At other times you are left wondering why it took a report to unveil the obvious.

The impact of governments on grain markets

Everybody talks about free trade as something which we should aspire to. It is felt, at least by many, that unfettered trade would mean those who do the best job of production will prevail and supply those wanting products.

Days of providing for oneself going by the wayside

Strange things continue to inspire thoughts of farming for me. A couple of nights before the old year turned to the new I was watching Jeopardy.