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Estevan Mercury

Affordable housing group: "We're staying with it"

The group that has been handed the mandate to find affordable housing in Estevan for those who require lower cost accommodations is not about to give up. "We're actively going about doing two things for sure," said Rev.

Leray successful in first bodybuilding event

Steph Leray's reward for winning her first bodybuilding competition went far beyond a trophy and the thrill of coming out on top. "I had pizza. I had chocolate cake. I've had candies I had a couple chocolate bars.

Please support the Shrine Circus

The Editor: When the outlook for your child's life is one that will be filled with pain, bones constantly breaking and no chance to walk, you will search for anything that could improve that quality of life for your baby.

Looking to revive the can competition

It's heartening to hear that the City of Estevan has mustered up the fortitude to once again issue a challenge for the coveted Golden Garbage Can, that symbol of community cleanliness that is known far and wide, or at least in Weyburn and Estevan.

No injuries in house fire

An Estevan resident was able to escape without injury after a serious house fire last Wednesday. The blaze, which occurred in a home on Wellock Road, destroyed the residence's garage and caused some damage to the house as well.

Brennan and MacPherson eyeing SJHL title

Former Bruins three wins away from unexpected championship

Hillcrest School to undergo expansion

New spaces will accommodate day care program

McKay shooting for spot with Rustlers

Most high school students would run the other way at the mere mention of summer school. Shaunacee McKay jumped at the chance.

Golden Garbage Can Competition returning

For better or worse, the City of Estevan has decided to re-enter the Golden Garbage Can Competition. Dormant since 2003, the competition is a battle between Estevan and Weyburn to see which community is the cleanest.

Rookie hopefuls show well at 'very good' spring camp

Dylan Smith was supposed to be the guy everyone was measured against at the Estevan Bruins' annual spring camp this past week. Friday on his post-game penalty shot, Smith looked like he was the one who could use some pointers.