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Riders love Miller

Really, can one man make this much of a difference? It's a rhetorical question, it seems, because the results are staring us right in the face.

Travel budgets mysteriously ballooning

ublic travel spending is once again under scrutiny. This time it's General Walter Natynczyk, the country's Chief of Defence Staff. The general racked up about $1 million of travel on the public dime.

Don't seek a lot of promises we don't need

In a few days the writ will be dropped and Saskatchewan voters will be heading to the polls. This is no surprise, because the Nov. 7 election was called the day after the last provincial election four years ago.
Council clears up garbage issue

Council clears up garbage issue

For a couple of years anyway, the members of Estevan city council appear to have put the controversial garbage issue to rest. At the same time, they have also taken the first steps toward creating a curbside recycling program in the city.

Could you live using, consuming and experiencing only Canadian-made goods?

He Said In the spirit of the blog, we are thinking about what it takes to live completely isolated in a global community.

Showcase shows no sign of slowing

The Showcase Business Expo is back for another weekend full of something for everyone. This is the first year the event will be hosted in Spectra Place. While the facility is an excellent one, the change of venue is not without its share of problems.

Only time remains for Wheat Board

What is likely a surprise to no one who has seriously followed the ongoing soap opera of the future of the Canadian Wheat Board (CWB), the majority of farmers don't appear to want the change the Conservative government is bent on making happen.

Fall is coming, goodbye summer

Hello friends. I'm so glad to be back writing. After taking the summer off and soaking it up with my family (gathering lots of material), it's time to get back to work.

A.L. MVP? Verlander on the verge

His initials might be J.V., but he's definitely on the varsity. And after this year, Justin Verlander of the Detroit Tigers will probably add three other initials to the end of his name: MVP.

RM approves new work camp

The RM of Estevan approved the development of a work camp during the latest meeting of council Sept. 19.
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