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Council accepts tender for new grader, rejects Red Wing request

Council hears garbage pickup concerns Weyburn City council has learned that there are still a few bugs to work out in the four month old refuse collection system.

Council hears garbage pickup concerns

Weyburn City council has learned that there are still a few bugs to work out in the four month old refuse collection system. With the new trash carts, Weyburn residents are asked to keep the new carts at least two feet or 0.6 meters away from the curb and a minimum of three feet or one meter away from the back or front of any parked vehicle on the street. This will help the garbage trucks to safely work in and around parked vehicles.

Lids must also be closed properly and not ajar due to too much garbage being stuffed in the wheeled bins. Carts also cannot be stored on the street, sidewalk or boulevard when it is not your collection day.

Residents are reminded that any carts that are not properly loaded or overflowing will not be picked up and if infractions continue to happen at the same address, collection will be suspended until the resident complies with the four month old regulations.

The program started in January 2011, and for the most part people are complying, but there are those who for one reason or another are not adhering to the city's regulations.

Red Wing's request denied

The Weyburn Red Wings had asked City Council for a discount on their ice rates due to the ongoing renovations to Crescent Point Place. Council declined the application stating "that others were also affected to one degree or another and we cannot afford to give concessions to one group of ice users and not the others."

Council member Dick Michel asked Council member Bill Rudachyk, "If there were any other carrots we (Council) could offer the Red Wings?"

"I feel that the City of Weyburn has given a great deal of compensation to the Red Wings over the years and I find it difficult to choose one group over another," Councilor Rob Stephanson added.

Council voted to decline the application by the Red Wings, but said that they (Wings) are welcome to come before the Leisure committee if they so choose.

Fire pits still hot topic

Weyburn Fire Chief Steve Debienne was on hand at the regular council meeting to present his April report and talked to council about the upcoming summer season and

Fire Pit Permits. A Fire Code Permit (FCP) is non-transferable. The permit is only valid for the person(s) named on the permit, at the address printed on the permit with no exceptions. The permit is valid for an outdoor fire place/fire pit, for cooking purposes only and the permit authorizes the burning of charcoal, briquettes or wood only. Burning of garbage or leaves is not allowable either.

The fire place/fire pit shall be enclosed and constructed of a non-combustible material, or be a commercially built product, (i.e. old washing machine insert) and shall be enclosed with a screen or grate to contain sparks. The pit shall have a surface or cooking area not exceeding 3,800 square centimeters (589 square inches), for example two inches by two inches or 24 inches in diameter, and shall be located a minimum of three meters (10 feet) from any building, property line and/or combustible materials shall be extinguished without delay should anyone complain, and may be inspected by the Weyburn Fire Department at any time.

A FCP is valid until revoked under the authority of the City of Weyburn Fire Prevention Bylaw 97 - 1957 Section V.1.6 (B), unless specifically written to the contrary on the permit. All FCPs issued since August 23, 1993, are valid unless revoked. FCPs are available at no charge to non-profit organizations for special occasions. FCPs can only be obtained at the Weyburn Fire Hall. Residents must retain their copy of the FCP and be prepared to show it to police and/or fire fighters when requested to do so.

"Fire pits are not a right but a privilege for Weyburn residents," Fire Chief Debienne closed with.

Red Eye Slo-Pitch tournament gets nod

Weyburn City Council gave permission for the organizers of the Red Eye Slo-Pitch tournament to apply for a special liquor permit for the weekend of August 5 to 7. Council heard that the tournament will take place at Clark Park and that with council's blessing there will be some non-service camping spots available also at the venue.

Motor Grader tender approved

Council has voted to accept the tender of Brandt Tractor of Regina to supply Weyburn with a new motor grader in the amount of $170,100 plus trade in, with the inclusion of additional required attachments. Redhead Equipment also bid on the called tender but was unsuccessful.