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RCMP weekly report

The Carlyle RCMP detachment handled 36 calls between Aug. 23 and Aug. 30. Members of the Carlyle detachment were summoned to a business office in the area in response to to a disturbance call from within the office.

The Carlyle RCMP detachment handled 36 calls between Aug. 23 and Aug. 30.

Members of the Carlyle detachment were summoned to a business office in the area in response to to a disturbance call from within the office.

A conflict had occurred over an issue, and a call had been made to the RCMP to forestall any escalation.

Once they had arrived, members found the parties in a calmer state, and the members then left the business.

No charges were laid.

A report was filed with the detachment regarding the theft of construction signs in the area around Redvers. The signs were out at a construction site at the time.

An investigation into the theft is now underway.

A vehicle was stopped in the area of the town of Carlyle on highway 13 for speeding.

The vehicle was clocked in excess of 50 km/h over the speed limit, leading to a quadrupling of the fine, as well as further charges.

The Carlyle RCMP would like to remind drivers that any vehicle travelling in excess of 50 km/h over the speed limit is liable to a quadrupling of the fine that would otherwise be applied, as well as possible charges of dangerous driving.

A collision which occurred in the area of Manor called in.

The vehicle in question rolled over on gravel, coming to rest back on its tires.

The driver of the vehicle was uninjured, and the vehicle was drivable following the accident.

Road conditions were a significant contributor to the accident, and no charges will be laid.

RCMP members responded to a 911 call that originated from the Carlyle area.

Upon arrival, the members determined that the number had been dialed by a youth, and there was no apparent emergencies.

Aug. 24 reports begin with a break-and-enter report in the area of Kisbey.

Property was stolen from the house, though while investigating some of the lost property has since been recovered. The event took place overnight, and the detachment is continuing its investigation into the crime.

RCMP members were summoned to a motor vehicle collision with a deer occurring near the Kenosee Lake area.

The driver was uninjured by the collision, though the vehicle could not leave under its own power and had to be towed from the scene.

On Aug. 25, a complaint of an erratic driver brought out a patrol from the Carlyle detachment to deal with the complaint.

Some vehicle stops were made however, the vehicle that was reported to be involved with the erratic driving was not found.

RCMP responded to a report of mischief, and apprehended a suspect in the case in the village of Manor.

The mischief, which included damage to a vehicle and other property, led to the arrest of an individual.

Charges against this individual are currently pending.

A man in Carlyle was served with a ticket for possessing an open alcohol container within a vehicle, an offence that carries with it a fine of $360.

A complaint was lodged from the Carlyle area regarding harassing telephone calls. The matter is under investigation.

A report of a collision was lodged from the Arcola area. A semi-truck carrying a load of gravel overturned and rolled into a ditch.

While the driver suffered no injuries, heavy equipment was needed to right the vehicle.

A report originating from the Wawota area was made regarding the theft of gasoline. The RCMP is continuing investigations into the theft.

A mischief claim was filed with the detachment from Carlyle. The mischief, regarding damage to and removal of equipment on the exterior of the residence in question is still under investigation.

Beginning on Aug. 26 a complaint was lodged regarding the uttering of threats in the Kenosee Lake area. The matter is under investigation.

A complaint of a traffic violation was received from the Carlyle area. While patrols were conducted in the reported area the vehicle was last seen, members were unable to find the vehicle in question.

An arrest was made of a person for public drunkenness in the town of Carlyle at 8:30 in the morning.

The complainant alleged that an individual was openly intoxicated and stumbling down the road. Responding members found the individual, and took the person into detention until they were sober enough to leave.

A break-and-enter was reported from the Kisbey area, and upon responding, the theft of a vehicle was included in the complaint.

The Carlyle detachment of the RCMP request the public contact them if a black coloured Dodge Ram pick-up is seen bearing the licence plate number 869 FXC.

If you do see the vehicle, please contact the detachment directly, and do not attempt to engage or retrieve the vehicle yourself.

Charges are pending for an individual after a call was received reporting an impaired driver in the Wawota area.

Responding members located the vehicle and concluded upon a road-stop the individual was under the influence.

A complaint was received regarding the theft of electronics from a vehicle in the area of Carlyle.

The theft occurred while the vehicle was unattended.

Aug. 27 reports began with a report from a concerned citizen about an attempted telephone scam.

The complainant was contacted on the telephone by an individual offering a low-interest solution for credit card debt.

The caller asked the complainant for their credit card account information, which was refused.

The RCMP would like to remind citizens that you should never give sensitive bank account or credit card information over the phone.

A call was received at the detachment which offered details of a vehicle on highway 9 south of Carlyle that was travelling with an insecure load.

The caller claimed the vehicle was losing load items onto the highway as it proceeded, creating a traffic hazard.

Members contacted Carnduff to make officials there aware of the vehicle, and went to patrol for the vehicle. The vehicle was not located.

Members responded to the report of a two-vehicle collision in the area of Carlyle.

The persons involved were not injured in the collision, and both vehicles proved to be driveable.

No charges were laid in the incident, and both parties went their separate ways.

A road accident led to a truck rolling over south of Manor.

The driver was uninjured in the accident, though the vehicle in question had to be towed from the scene.

No charges were laid, and road conditions were such that it was felt these conditions were a major contributing factor to the accident.

An intoxicated individual was taken into custody in Carlyle after they were found to be in violation of the public drunkenness ordinance.

The individual was held in custody until they had sobered up, at which time they were released.

The reports for the day of Aug. 28 began with a call from Redvers detailing a trespassing on private property after dark.

Responding members were unable to find the perpetrator, however during their investigation they did come upon a loud party with intoxicated individuals nearby.

Members spoke to the group, and the party was ended.

An alarm from a business in Redvers drew members to the community.

Arriving at the scene of the alarm, members found the building in question to be secure, with no signs of entry or attempted entry.

The incident was written up as a false alarm.

A complaint was lodged from Redvers regarding ATVs.

The complaint was in regards to unsafe driving and noise violations with a 'quad' recreational vehicle.

Responding members were unable to locate or identify the individual.

RCMP member took into custody a person for public intoxication in Carlyle.

A complaint was received detailing a person acting erratically, and responding members found the individual in question in a state of intoxication.

The individual was held until sober then released.

A report of a collision in the Carlyle area drew members to a scene where the vehicle in question had struck a horse.

While the driver suffered no injuries, the injuries to the horse required it to be put-down at the scene.

No charges have been laid in the case.

Aug. 29 reports begin with members summoned to the Kenosee Lake area for a complaint of intoxicated persons.

Upon arriving at the scene, the members witnessed a vehicle head away from the area at speed, leading to a short pursuit by members.

The driver was found to be in a state of intoxication. The driver was then transported back to the detachment and held until sober, at which time they were released.

Charges are pending related to the incident, with the driver facing charges of driving-under-the-influence, as well as flight-from-police.

The RCMP would like to remind the public, when you see an emergency vehicle with its lights flashing, it is the law you pull over.

Flight-from-police is a serious criminal charge which carries a maximum penalty of up-to five years in jail.

Members responded to a call for assistance from the area near Wawota of a lost person.

The individual in question was on foot, and lost their way in the back-country.

The individual was unable to give directions and could not recognize where they were.

Members carried out a search for the person, found them, and transported them back to their home area.

Finally for the week, a report was filed of a break-and-enter which occurred at White Bear Resort.

Investigation into the event is ongoing.