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Weyburn Review

TV Auction a busy place to be

TV Auction a busy place to be

The Young Fellows' 53rd annual TV Auction busily takes in bids and gets them updated during the fundraiser event held on Saturday at the Comp Cafetorium to raise funds for the Young Fellows many community projects.

Quota Women of Year program

Isabelle Butters praises honored nominees

RM of Weyburn to sweep for rats on local properties

Land owners in the Rural Municipality of Weyburn should soon have a visit from the RM's pest control officer, Rick Wanner, as he will be making a full sweep of the municipality looking for any sign of rats.

Riderville committee opens song competition

The Weyburn Rider Nation committee is asking all songwriters and musicians to submit an entry to show Weyburn is the best Roughrider community.
Many animals at shelter now seeking a home

Many animals at shelter now seeking a home

My Nikkel's Worth

A TV show that I love to hate (or is it hate to love?) is "Law and Order" and its many variants and spinoffs.

Local RM commits to new acute care hospital

The first municipality to commit funds to the new acute-care hospital for Weyburn has made a financial commitment to the hospital foundation.

Much talent on display at Gold Wings' spring camp

Nearly 60 hockey players attended the Weyburn Gold Wings' spring camp over the weekend at the Tom Zandee Sports Arena to showcase their skills and talent.
DeLaet ties for third in Houston

DeLaet ties for third in Houston

In his best finish so far during his rookie year on the Professional Golf Association tour, DeLaet tied for third place.

Mental Health Week to feature Mayor's Luncheon

The Weyburn branch of the Canadian Mental Health Association is preparing to hold activities to mark Mental Health Week, set for May 3-8, and remind all residents that mental health is everyone's business.