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Struggles with the gap between generations and growing up in a different world

At my age, the concept of a generation gap becomes very evident. My grandchildren have no idea what a rotary phone is. The same goes for the typewriter and other such technology marvels that I grew up with.
Canora resident graduates from Parkland College Electrician program

Canora resident graduates from Parkland College Electrician program

At Parkland College’s completion ceremony on July 21 in Esterhazy, James Park was one of the students celebrated for graduating the electrician program.
Good Spirit Beef Club members compete during annual achievement day

Good Spirit Beef Club members compete during annual achievement day

The Good Spirit Beef Club wrapped up its season’s activities with an annual achievement day, which was held on July 5 at the Yorkton Exhibition Grounds.

New Saskatchewan Outfitters Association rules worry small businesses

To the credit of this Saskatchewan Party government, it has generally stayed out of the way of small business.

Jailbird chicken determined to escape the pen

Apparently the village of Invermay has some free-range chickens on the run and they are causing quite the stir.

Wedding thoughts for couples in for the long haul

After putting her children to bed, a mother changed into old slacks and a droopy blouse and proceeded to wash her hair. As she heard the children getting more and more rambunctious, her patience grew thin.

Wild boar overpopulation and pig escapes a major problem for Saskatchewan

When the Saskatchewan Wildlife Federation held its annual conference in February, one issue which was plainly put forward was that feral wild boar are a growing problem in the province, and across Canada.

How would we fare in these circumstances?

I get the Saturday edition of The Globe and Mail . Some articles catch my interest and attention, whereas others are scanned over.

Recent rainfall actually helpful for Canora area farmers

Despite the difficulties of flash flooding in areas such as Estevan and Yorkton, Canora farmers are giving the recent rainfall a warm welcome. This farming season has been rather dry, Dan Owen, agronomy manager of Prairie Soil Services Ltd.

Couple tries to learn to do things 'for the birds'

For some time now, we have been keeping an eye on a crows’ nest in one of the fir trees by the garage. We knew they had hatched some chicks, as we could hear them calling back and forth. Then just a couple of days ago, we found one chick dead.