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Assiniboine River Archery Club holds another successful 3-D archery shoot

Assiniboine River Archery Club holds another successful 3-D archery shoot

The 23 rd 3-D archery shoot held by the Assiniboine River Archery Club on August 6 and 7 marked yet another exciting and entertaining event, bringing in 175 archers from across Saskatchewan, Manitoba and Alberta.

Canora and Sturgis RCMP search for cause of mischief

Police are on the lookout for suspects who caused a string of incidents in the Sturgis community. Cst. Manuel Borges with the Canora detachment of the RCMP noted that several incidents of mischief occurred between August 6 and August 7 in Sturgis.

Former Canora resident wins STARS Lottery grand prize

A former Canora resident and former owner of this newspaper is one of the two major winners in the Saskatchewan STARS Lottery.

Booze causes bad judgement for drinkers and for the government

Alcohol causes people to not think clearly… even when it comes to the retailing of the product. Take the ongoing battle of Premier Brad Wall’s government to privatize the retail aspect of alcohol sales in Saskatchewan.

The times haven't changed as much as you may believe

I’m going to preface this by saying I’m still learning many things. We all have much to learn through our lives, but I haven’t even lived the 25 years that counts as a ‘generation.

Mea culpa and voting with your feet

Why was the chicken looking forward to heaven? Because he could finally cross the road without anyone questioning his motives.

Public compensation for farmers conserving natural habitats

The question of who should pay for farmers who maintain natural waterways and treed areas has been one asked for a number of years.

Down on the Farm

How many country folks have had their big-city, urban relatives or friends come out for a weekend visit? Or (gasp), even worse, an entire week? Now, I’m not referring to those folks who were raised in a rural setting and are looking to reconnect with

Is it 'all relative' when people aren't actually related?

The first time somebody said ‘it’s all relative’ to me , I was wondering if he was referring to my entire family. It was only later that I learned the usage and meaning of the phrase.

RCMP members hold golf tournament

To raise money for the organization, the Canora detachment of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) held a golf tournament on July 15 at the Canora Golf and Country Club.