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Canora Courier

Preeceville delegation discusses physician recruitment and retention

A Preeceville delegation concerned about physician recruitment and retention in the community met with the board of the Sunrise Regional Health Authority in Yorkton on June 29.
Visitor Information Centre and CN Museum opens for the summer

Visitor Information Centre and CN Museum opens for the summer

As summer vacation brings more vacationers and travellers through Saskatchewan, an attraction usually thought to be solely for travellers is convincing Canora residents to come be tourists in their own town.

Good Spirit Acres staff prepares for summer excitement

Summer is here, and the staff at Good Spirit Acres hoped that everyone enjoyed their Canada Day celebrations.
Rama celebrates Canadian talent during July 1 celebrations

Rama celebrates Canadian talent during July 1 celebrations

The holiday of Canada Day is a reason to celebrate the country and its citizens, and Rama residents certainly focused on the latter during their events on July 1, the theme of which was “Celebrating Canadian Talent.

Canora welcomes new family physician

The Sunrise Health Region has announced the welcome of a doctor for its primary health team in Canora. Dr.

Terry Fox Foundation seeks Canora volunteer to co-ordinate this year's Run on September 18

“In this fast-paced world driven by social media and 24-hour news cycles, how many of us can remember what happened last week, much less 36 years ago? Yet if you ask millions of Canadians what they recall from 1980 they have one reply: Terry Fox and

Canora in Bloom returns for another summer of excitement

July marks the time for many fun summer activities, and once again, Canora in Bloom will be one of them, held from July 18 to 24. The events this year include both new and old favourites.

Economy minister behind GTH woes should be held accountable

It’s always rather amusing how political partisans find any excuse possible to justify the lousy performance of their preferred ministers.

A reader's musings following the 149th anniversary of Canada

We have just celebrated, commemorated or slept through Canada’s 149 th birthday. I pray that I can live long enough to see and hear the 150 th .

Graduates setting out on life's journey

Before allowing Timmy to walk to school alone, his mother asked her neighbour, Shirley Goodnest, if she would follow him at a distance. Shirley agreed, since she went walking with her toddler anyway.