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Preeceville Progress

Ritz and the Conservatives continue to lie to farmers

With the federal election upon us, farmers as well as most voters are listening to the promises of politicians.
Panthers record second win for the season

Panthers record second win for the season

The Preeceville Panthers recorded their second win for the season on October 1 when they downed Watson with a final score of 62-8 in an away game. “The team put in a better effort and came away with a huge win,” said Jeremy Mattison, coach.

Saskatchewan’s minimum wage increased to $10.50

Effective October 1, Saskatchewan minimum wage earners began earning $10.50 per hour. Since 2007, Saskatchewan’s mini-mum wage has increased by 32 per cent, with eight increases from $7.95 to$10.50 over the past eight years.

Fall soil testing

By Lyndon Hicks Regional Crops Specialist Yorkton Saskatchewan Ministry of Agriculture Fall is an excellent time for soil testing.

Agriculture Month celebrates Saskatchewan’s stewards in sustainability

Agriculture Minister Lyle Stewart has proclaimed October as Agriculture Month. This year’s theme, “Stewards in Sustainability,” celebrates the dedication of farmers, ranchers and agribusinesses to maintain and improve the environment.
School teams do well over weekend

School teams do well over weekend

The Preeceville School and Sturgis Composite High School senior boys teams co-hosted an eight-team volleyball tournament on October 3. The teams were divided into two pools from which winning teams would move on to the finals.
Scenes from the senior boys volleyball tournament

Scenes from the senior boys volleyball tournament

Saskatchewan grows by 3,100 people in second quarter of 2015

Saskatchewan’s population continues to grow at a steady pace in spite of lower oil prices. There were 1,133,637 people living in Saskatchewan on July 1, an increase of 3,100 since April 1.

Saskatchewan sea, army and air cadets honoured

Maintaining a strong focus on Saskatchewan’s proud military heritage, Provincial Military Liaison D.F. (Yogi) Huyghebaert will visit the province’s top Saskatchewan cadet corps and squadrons.

Applications open soon for the 2016 Saskatchewanderer position

Interested candidates can apply from October 13 at noon until November 9 at noon to be the next Saskatchewanderer. Over the course of 2015, the Saskatchewanderer project has experienced unprecedented growth.