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Special care home not first choice

Dear Editor I would like to respond to "Keep RHL for seniors" (Regional Optimist June 25). I am the mother of one of the under age 40 residents who is occupying a bed at River Heights Lodge.

Striving to create 'homes'

Dear editor Most of us carry warm thoughts of "home". Home is where we go for rest, nourishment, and the comfort of things and people familiar to us. Some of us require the assistance of other people to help us live in our own homes.
On feasting and being the feast

On feasting and being the feast

I'm a creature who loves my comforts. They're simple comforts and I've found them almost everywhere I've ever been. Once my basic needs are covered I find I can easily make myself at home. Last week on the river I found a new home.

Fight back against health care system

Dear Editor This is in support of Lorraine Wright's paid advertorial (Thomas Graham Wright vs Prairie North Health Region, Regional Optimist July 9). I knew both Lorraine's parents and her grandparents since I was a child.

Shoreline cleanup a worthy endeavour

Litter seems to be a North American constant that we seem powerless to eradicate. I am often appalled at how the area around the Royal Bank Tower in North Battleford looks when a stiff prairie wind arrives to stir things up.

Picking berries, finding good

I headed for the raspberry patch early Sunday morning - nothing like fresh berries on whole grain cereal.
Respect for flood water a healthy stance

Respect for flood water a healthy stance

This month I watched an event transpire through press releases on my BlackBerry that I was not present at, yet I could visualize clearly. That's because I had seen it before. July 12, the first e-mail from RCMP media relations came in.
Riders listen to head coach

Riders listen to head coach

When Kenny speaks, the Riders listen. The Roughriders were fumbling around on Saturday and looked listless as they trailed the Edmonton Eskimos 14-10 at halftime of their Week 3 game at Mosaic Stadium.

When your gumption is gone - just keep doing what you need to do

Ed, my neighbor next door, says he may as well go travelling to Ottawa as go out to his farm this summer. He said this when he heard we were leaving for Ottawa. He feels I should not leave until I get the exterior of my house painted.

Fort Pitt revitalization gives context to ghostly images

The Trails of 1885 has been a recurring theme of summer events in the Northwest this summer, as the 125th anniversary of what is now known as the Northwest Resistance of 1885 is commemorated.