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History lives in N.B.

Dear Editor My article on the old Gregory and Coronation Parks (Pages from North Battleford's History, News-Optimist June 9) has prompted many calls, e-mails andface-to face-discussionson thearticle itself, and on North Battleford's early history.

Paper planes deployed on next overseas engagement

It appears Canada will soon be making one of the biggest dollar value purchases for its military in history - a $16 billion purchase of 65 F-35 Lightning II fighter jets. Wow, that's a lot of money.

Boots & Bouquets

A boot to those who decided the North Battleford Library will remain closed on Sundays until September.

Victimization of victims poor graffiti solution

There has to be a better way. North Battleford's new nuisance bylaw has a section in it dealing with graffiti. The basic premise is property owners will be penalized for not removing graffiti in a timely manner.

The Battlefords' power play

The construction of two power plants in the Battlefords over the next three years will have a profound economic impact in the region.

Urban wind towers a lot of hot air

Wind power isn't a new buzz word in the world of green power generation, but a recent proposal by the City of Saskatoon to install a project at the City's landfill has some residents wind-milling their arms in distress.

Sask. Party missed golden opportunity

Dear Editor I read Dr. Cairns Autopsy on Odishaw article in the May 5 News-Optimist and wanted to offer my view of the situation and the man. Mayor Odishaw got the short end of the stick through no fault of his own.

Master plan needs to be tough on ATVs

I haven't picked up a copy yet, but I know what I'm going to be looking for when I take a look at the River Valley Master Plan recently available for public consumption.

The Courage to Say So

When something is happening that you feel isn't right, are you one of the people who stands up and says so? Are you someone who puts their neck on the line, who throws your opinion out there, no matter the consequences you might face? Or are you some

Today's in car entertainment has an edge

I made a trip down to Bismarck, N.D., the other day. It's about four hours to get there, which is enough time behind the wheel to get a little drowsy.